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About the Astrakhan hunters Association, and other public associations of hunters, “HORN” is trying to inform our readers regularly. Proved its special role in the preservation and development of traditions of Russian hunting public hunting organizations, despite everything, continue to exist.

They survived in the period of “wild” market relations of the 90-ies of the last century. Survived after all the “reforms” in the hunting field and in the new conditions of existence. Now they struggle to maintain their hunting grounds, for its members — hunters and solve a lot of problems in our reality.

It is the discussion of the present situation and existing problems was dedicated to the author’s conversation with already known to our readers by Deputy Board of ARSO by Roman KURBANOV.
— Indeed, despite everything, in difficult conditions, which lives in Russia, we manage to survive. Over the past year we have not lost a single square meter of the hunting grounds.
A public organization shall take the youth and restored, departed the ranks of the hunters of middle age. Many of them, having gosokhotuchet, hoping that they will be able to hunt anywhere I want, and as much as you want. Managed it is not for everyone. Sky-high prices for services in the field of hunting in most of the private hunting grounds of many can not afford. And we, as throughout Russia, began to establish a differentiated approach to the cost of travel for hunters.

Currently two of our farms, Kirov and Kamyshinskoe, concluded hunting industry agreement. Soon their ranks will Belinskoe hunting.
We already have in these farms is a real working production inspectors. More than thirty public hunting inspectors.

On the Board at the end of December we will discuss the question of how and where to find funds for the conclusion of hunting industry agreements other organizations.
After all, rich people do not leave their hopes to capture at least part of our hunting grounds. And money they have. Think seek possible assistance to our members, as it is practiced in public organizations of hunters in other regions.

— At the opening of the hunting — told me one of the oldest members of the society of hunters person from Astrakhan, Vladimir Yefimov, as always, went with the son-in-law and nephew in “Podstepki”. I, as a combatant, there are benefits in the society of hunters.

Arrived at their old hunting spot, and Ilmen dry. Water in it at all does not remain. Time before the opening of hunting was, began to look for another place… Found, and there were already a lot of hunters. Duck on the first day was, but she didn’t give and to get closer to the water. Unfortunately, the culture of hunting suffers. The boiler is produced, but about the old results had to forget.

Went to this lake in late November. Hunters are few, but there were “fishermen”. They put throughout the their “tackle” and they are constantly checked. Duck, including the Northern, was. She flew, and sometimes flied Ilmen, but not decreased. Too crowded. Passed several flocks of whooper swans, but they didn’t. In General, hunting has not taken place.
Hunting for waterfowl, — continued his story novel — despite the fact that more than half of ilmenite over the summer was dry, was organized. Decreased the number of administrative offences of hunters in our land. It was not and accident.

At the opening of the duck was in alcohlic, but preserving some of its water ilmenite. Well hunted in the lands Rasschetno part, in the Narimanov district and in the “Podstepki”. There were many noble duck was grey goose.

By the end of the second decade of November duck, goose and Swan have concentrated mainly on Pure Bank in Kamyzjaksky area in the lower Bank Gandurinski. Large flocks of wild fowl were in open water where much more crowded.. Stranded allowed the game to get food from the bottom, so the yards it was no night or day. By the end of the month and in early December, part of the bag had migrated to the sea and Islands, where it also became smaller by about 20 cm there are No ducks on the Volga where she is at this time in previous years stayed. Although our Rangers have reported that there is a duck in the shallow parts of the Akhtuba.
Where I hunt for rabbits? — surprised at my question, Alexander N. — In the hunting grounds of the hunting society. Have joined it this year. Came to this decision immediately. Having gosokhotuchet, two years toured the area. In the public lands many hunters in private hunting grounds, even I, a moderately successful, hunting doesn’t always afford. And in the land of kotosheva game remains, the prices are reasonable. Already in the first month produced two bunnies.

— Hunting for furs, — continued Roman Kurbatov, — began in an orderly manner. The hare and other beasts in the land. Us in the coming season allowed to produce 4588 Rusakov, 2053 Fox, 1498 1227 raccoons and Minks. Increased in the land, the number of pheasant. We have a season allowed to produce 11 863 pheasant from 19 006, scheduled for production in the area.
The hunters with whom I communicated personally, the results of the first hunting of fur-bearing animals happy.

Unfortunately, the ravenous robbery. Became more of a Jackal, their mournful howling is often reported. One I know of attacks by wolves on sheep occurred a week ago, on Friday. Pack of wolves killed 28 sheep…

The hunting season is planned to produce not less than 246 271 wolves and a Jackal. I think that it is real. Since the beginning of December resumed hunting the wolf and Jackal with helicopters. Help hunters from Voronezh. They are already not the first year going to such hunting in the region. Hunt from their helicopter. For shooting predators they receive the necessary documents to regional Service of nature management. Take hunting permits in the ODE and in our lands. When hunting in our lands are always present by our experts.

The first four hunting from helicopters allowed to obtain 28 four wolves and jackals. Most of them were produced in Ikrjaninsky area 6 in Kamyzyakskiy, 5 — in Volodarsky, three in Enotaevsky and Samanah. Hunting will last for two weeks.

Destroy the grey ones and members of our society. While the exact numbers can not name, because the process of production aktirovanie predators in the region suspended. Don’t have money for premium.
Outlined in the ARSO and their problems. They are in tune with what we have in other regions. First and foremost is the ongoing attempts to deprive society of the richest game lands. While the society supported by the regional authorities, keeps.

Talked about the problems of drought, escalating to catastrophic proportions this spring. Water in the region was so small that it won’t reach more than half of detached water bodies. But melt water and only adds them once a year. But all live in hope that the flood of 2016, as promised by the authorities, will be great. This means that will revive dried-up lake and waterways…
There are specific, typical for this region of the problem. On one of them, requiring, of course, in special lighting, will report as briefly…

As reported by the “HORN” and other hunting media, in recent years, excluding the year of 2015, our society actively participated in the struggle with great cormorant. This is a real fish-eating predator. Here are just some of the facts. From 2010 to 2014, the numbers of this bird increased, respectively, from 105 to 213 566 409 individuals after the reproduction.

During these years a brigade of hunters of our society was destroyed 83 017 species of non-flying Chicks. Hunters of the same company over the years has extracted on hunting only 6538 cormorants.

Damage from the great cormorant on fish stocks in our region by population after reproduction 250 000 animals, according to expert estimates, is about 45 tons of fish destroyed per day. It is estimated that in a day on average cormorant eats fish 750 grams. As many devours and non-flying young cormorant, which adult cormorants feed up to five times a day.

Therefore, we did not quite understand the reasons why this year there were no means to resolve the size of this malicious birds. The destruction of non-flying young great cormorants — it was some sort of organized regulation of the predator population. Cormorants, not all hunters know how to cook, and therefore is not extracted. Because it is not necessary, unfortunately, to talk about their great assistance in the fight against this bird of prey.

In the same year, our team of hunters, consisting of certified hunters, who for years conducted the shooting of the young great cormorants, this indispensable, a case was brought… Rumor has it that no budgetary funds.

Here on this sad topic and ended our conversation. Of course, the “HORN” and the author will help you, in solving the problems raised in it.


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