Astrakhan-2018: football and fishing


About spring flooding

About what it is, and there will be enough incoming water for the reproduction of fish stocks in the region to discuss annually.

Since January, the theme of the upcoming flood connected with world football Championship of 2018. The fact that the next to Astrakhan four games in the last decade of June in the neighboring Volgograd.

Will be held in a period when in the Astrakhan and Volgograd areas, there are a lot of gnats. And probably the reason for the creation of proper conditions for the players Championship in late December of 2017, the Committee of natural resources, forestry and ecology of the Volgograd region announced a controversial tender for 4.5 million rubles.

The participants had to propose and justify a schedule of discharges of water from the Volga hydroelectric power station, which in June will not be gnats.

Flooding and gnats, of course, linked. Scientists have long revealed that the timing of departure and the number of midges depends on the level of the spring flood.

More water – more gnats. And Vice versa.

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And then sounded the alarm of environmentalists, members of both Federal and regional levels, government officials, media, community organizations and recreational fishermen.

Held various meetings, round tables, has published numerous publications. Basically it all comes down to the fact that any change in the timing of floods will be breaking the breeding cycle of fish, developed over millions of years, and this will lead to the degradation of fish stocks.

He remembered winter and summer man-made floods on the Volga in recent years related to discharges of water in the Delta of Volga the Volgograd hydroelectric station dam…

Reminded about the floods 2015 and 2017, when changes in the timing and quantity of the dumped water has led to abnormally adverse consequences. And in this, as evidenced by all the same media, the fault lies entirely on the people, governing water resources.

And now, it seems, the problem is solved. Volgograd Interdistrict environmental Prosecutor’s office in early March, through the media reported that they did not approve of the destruction of the gnats with flood waters.

On the results of the Volga interregional environmental Prosecutor’s office of business meetings and meetings with industry bodies and representative bodies of the Astrakhan region, according to a press release, agreed upon the inadmissibility of changes of multi-year regime of water releases through the Volgograd hydroelectric…

Prohibitions and regulations catch

Our readers will remember that the regulation of Amateur fishing in the Lower Volga is carried out in accordance with the Federal law on fisheries and the recreational fishing Rules for the Volga-Caspian fishery district (order of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation from 18th November, 2014 No. 453).

Some of the new changes in these binding documents no.

Amateur fishing is prohibited from 16 may to 20 June everywhere, with the exception of water objects of fishery value within the administrative boundaries of settlements, as well as on the industrial areas.

Preserved prohibitions: fishing cancers from 1 April to 30 June; a prohibition against certain types of aquatic bioresources (sturgeon kinds of fishes, herring feed-through carnosine, omul, whitefish, vimba, barbel, burbot, pain) and recreational and sport hunting of the Caspian seal; Amateur fishing in the forbidden areas (the Volga forbidden productive space, with the exception of fishing grounds, provided for the organization of recreational and sport fishing, spawning grounds, wintering holes); restrictions on the size of harvested fish (30.14..paragraph 5 of the Order).

Now, as announced the Ministry of agriculture and Rosrybolovstvo, until the end of March will appear daily allowance of catch of one fisherman-lover.

Proposals for such a norm that was discussed at the fisheries Council that was held 11.11. 2017 in CaspNIRKh, told the “Russian hunting newspaper”.

We will remind that following the results of voting in the Federal Agency for fishery was accepted following proposal: 10 kg and silver carp without restrictions.

In the Astrakhan region, as has been reported in the media, the introduction of daily norms of fishing one fisherman I hope to strengthen the fight for the preservation of fish livestock.

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Monitor compliance with rules for inland waters are the state inspectors fisheries.

The penalty for violation of fishing rules is governed by the administrative code provides administrative fine in the amount from two to five thousand roubles with possible confiscation of a vessel or means of fishing.


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