Astakhov promised to investigate the attacks of collectors on a hospital in the Stavropol territory


Астахов обещал расследовать факт атаки коллекторов на больницу Ставрополья

Children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has sent a representative to Stavropol to conduct an independent investigation into the attacks of the collectors at children’s hospital.

Earlier it was reported that IC for the Stavropol territory started checking on this fact. According to investigators, collectors called the children’s hospital of Stavropol and stated that if one of the employees of medical institution urgently don’t pay 70 thousand rubles, all the phone numbers of the hospital will be blocked.

Later, the attackers have implemented a threat – all the phone numbers of the medical institutions were put into the list of auto redial.

Astakhov noted that such actions “specialists in the knocking-out of debts” threaten the life of young patients.

According to the Ombudsman, his representative went to Stavropol to conduct an independent investigation. In addition, Astakhov said he asked the Governor and the Prosecutor of the region “urgently to understand, reconnect and take action against infringers”.

Authorized on the rights of the child noted that the work of so-called collectors in recent years is a growing indignation.

Earlier, the Russians were shocked by the news of the Ulyanovsk region, where collectors have set fire to the house of the debtor together with his two year old grandson. After Moscow collectors threatened the woman likewise burning the child if she does not repay his debt to the Bank.


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