Asian-Inspired Decor Items That Are Popular In Decorating Homes and Offices


Asian-inspired décor is making an impact in both homes and offices. Previously, the farmhouse was all the rage, but lately, accent pieces with a bit of oriental flare are adding a nice contrast to the shiplap and rustic. Incorporating some Asian-inspired décor is actually quite easy and it can work with virtually any theme you may already be working with. It just might give you the pleasing change you have been looking for.

Before we discuss how to add the Asian décor to your space, let us first discuss some easy pieces that can be added to virtually any space:

  • Bamboo
  • Paper Lantern
  • Rustic Wood
  • Minimalist
  • Vivacious Color

One item that may stand out a bit from the list is rustic wood. When we think of rustic wood we often acquaint it with rolling barn doors and rolling barn door hardware, but by changing the appearance of the wood and the hardware you can easily achieve the minimalist and open feeling that is quite common with Asian décor.

Asian spaces usually utilize feng shui to make a space feel more open. Having pieces that serve a purpose and face certain ways will help create a better flow of energy. By utilizing rolling barn-style doors, a room will instantly feel open and less cluttered. A sliding barn door will take up a lot less space than a traditional door that you have to open. The door doubles as an artistic conversation piece as well.

Bamboo can be utilized in Asian design in both homes and offices in several ways. If you are looking for a way to green up your space a little bit, you can add live bamboo to your desk or a table. The bamboo can be purchased in all sizes. It is important to read the care tips and know-how to water it and take care of it properly.

Bamboo is often thought of as a lucky plant and it will help increase the quality of the air in your space as well. You can easily incorporate the bamboo into any existing style design you may have by placing it in the appropriate container. If you love bamboo but do not love caring for a living plant; you may want to consider a bamboo room divider or decorative piece of wall art.

Minimalism is popular in a lot of design strategies. It is easy to overcrowd your home and office with extra clutter. Often, the clutter will create a sense of unease and you may get lost in your thoughts and end up feeling a bit disorganized. Add in the extra dusting and care for all of those trinkets and you may become overwhelmed. By taking on the minimalist approach you will only have the things that you truly enjoy placed about. This will create a stress-free environment. When you are looking for a decorative change you may want to consider the last item on the list.

A vivacious burst of color is often seen in Asian-inspired design. This means that one wall may become a colorful accent wall. If your entire office or room is plain white or beige, take a chance and paint a wall a daring blue or bold red. This will instantly change the space without adding any useless pieces to the place. It is relatively inexpensive to transform a room with some color. It is also easy to continually change up that one eye-catching wall from time to time.

By adding in the basic Asian-inspired elements of bamboo, bold colors, warm wood tones, and minimalist décor, you will quickly feel your space transform and take on a new atmosphere. You can also add a few other elements such as water and metal to your space if you feel it needs a bit more Asian flare. A simple indoor water fountain will provide a nice calming sound and visual appeal as well. Metal tones such as gold and bronze also quickly transform a space. Perhaps consider placing your bamboo in a gold or bronze-colored dish that is located near a small fountain for the ultimate Zen-like quality.


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