Asian industrial indices tumble down on a monthly basis


Japanese industry produced less on a monthly basis in July, but the outlook is positive. This was shown on Tuesday by preliminary figures from the Japanese Ministry of trade and industry.

On a monthly basis, the decrease was 1.5%. On an annual basis, there was an increase of no less than 11.6 percent.

For August, the Japanese government expects a growth of 3.4 percent on a monthly basis. Previously, this estimate was 1.7 percent. And then for september, the government is aiming for a plus of 1.0 percent.

Chinese industry slowed down again in August, while the service sector is even shrinking. This was shown on Tuesday by figures from the Chinese government.

The industry index fell from 50.4 in July to 50.1 in August. It is now the fifth month in a row that growth is slowing down.

The index measuring the activity of the Chinese service sector even reached 47.5 in August, which is considerably lower than 53.3 in July.

An index position greater than 50 indicates growth, while less than 50 means contraction


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