ASF spread throughout the world because of the contamination of feed


АЧС распространяется по миру из-за заражения кормов

As you know, in China more than a year destroys the number of pigs by the African plague. At first no one thought that a decrease of 30-40% in comparison with the data for the beginning of 2018, will cause serious consequences in world pork production. Now it is obvious. As reports “КазахЗерно.kz” after analyzing the data of independent experts, 10 million sows and 100 million pigs died from African swine fever since the first outbreak of ASF. Now the epidemic is not only in China but also in Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea and Laos.

The African plague is a deadly infectious disease for pigs and poses no threat to humans. From ASF there is no effective vaccine and so far the vets haven’t thought of a way of treatment. As soon as find at least one pig on the farm, which is confirmed by the Achs, score all on it, to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

In the world today are conducting research to determine the causes of the epidemic of ASF.

According to scientists from Kansas state University, the disease can cover the entire world. It can be transported from country to country because of the infection of feed. They are “impregnated” by the ASF strongly or adopt only a small dose, which accumulates in the body in pigs, causing eventually the epidemic on the farm. Methods of feed production in countries affected by ASF, can aggravate the problem. In China, for example, dried grains – corn and soybeans on the road. Then, on these very roads, passing trucks, which travel from the infected or the infected farm. Subsequently China delivers grown grains to other countries. Therefore, it was not possible to contain the virus within a single country – China.

Even though the US and produces a lot of pork, but not as much as China. At least, before the outbreak of ASF China called the largest producer and consumer of pork. China produces pork as much as make it around the world. Analysts polled by Successful Farming, say the production of 57.6 million tons of pork in China in 2015

How China managed to become the largest producer of pork? Country is following the latest innovations in the pig industry, introducing them into production and moves the pig away from the cities to the countryside. She took over the experience of the United States and compensates for its pig farmers feed costs and workers, and they responded by expanding production.

Now the Chinese pig producers are concerned. Support from the state is clear that they newly bought pigs and restored the lost livestock. They want first the epidemic was stopped in the laboratory, i.e. invented a cure for African swine fever. While it is impossible in laboratories are unable to develop it, but I figured that maybe against ASF, there is no cure because pigs have developed resistance to antimicrobial drugs. They were given unchecked for many years for fast weight animals.


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