As we walked in rotan


And still a small fishing close to home, with the advent of ice happened. And this time the main character was rotan. Moreover, he left us a lot to think about!

It all started, the moment when my neighbour Nicholas, a great lover of pull of Ratnikov, told one of the nearby pond, which is home to quite a hefty predators are active, but only on the first ice.

According to him, last winter season he was on such a feed and was just amazed and frequency of bites and size of fish caught and number of trophies.

I have no reason not to trust this man, I know its not one year (and often go with him on fishing); if he says so, he experienced it all himself.

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Incidentally, I also like Rotana for his rapacious grasp, the simplicity of gear used for fishing and tender meat, from which make excellent burgers. So the information about the big fish I catch I never thought, did not remain without attention.

Of course, I immediately asked my company to Nicholas. Thus Nikolay has told that the rotan prefers not to grab a moving bait, and calmly hanging, so it is best to catch him on postawski or classic imitation fish, however, equipped for fishing on the course.

Namely, the bottom end of the sinker, from a small outlet on the leash with a length of about 7 cm, the Thickness of the main fishing line can be 0,25-0,3 mm, and the lead of 0.18-0.2 mm. Distance from the lure to the end load should be about 10 cm.

The hook needs to be quite large, because the mouth Rotana is big and he swallows the bait deeply, and to pull a small hook problematic. The limit load can be absolutely anything, up to the usual galvanized nuts, designed for 17 key size.

Importantly, he pulled the snap and at the same time held her strongly in place, otherwise when you bite, it may scare off the fish.

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As bait is perfectly ordinary piece of raw meat, such as pork or beef (meat pre-cut into “julienne”). Beef, unlike pork, longer retains its red color, which in some cases is stronger attracted by Rotana.

However, good bite rotan and ordinary earthworm, the disadvantage of this packing, only that it is deteriorating rapidly, it is enough for once, while the piece of meat you can pull almost a dozen fish.

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I was somewhat puzzled by inactive fishing, since I caught Rotana only on the game using a small spoon perches, on the hook where it is planted a piece of meat. But since it was planned to catch rotan real estate on the nozzle, so I had to make the tackle.

I used some standard Gerlich, as well as conventional foam cups and plastic spool (as a variant of the reel) as the primitive of pastamusik.

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Many fishermen use when fishing Rotana classic winter fishing rod with a springy nod, jerking which is not difficult to determine the bite. But you can do without the alarm. As a rule, rotan, sitting on the hook with him not coming, so if you miss the bite, it will not mean a descent of fish.

For example, I have a couple of pastamusik was no alarm. When you bite coil-postawski would have just slid on the ice and is inserted into the hole of the twig would not give her to plunge into the hole.

The only thing needed is to cover the holes (in this sense plastikovye imitation fish with stand the) cardboard or fanerku with a slot for the fishing line to the hole from freezing.

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But back to our trip. We left early in the first month of winter, after the frost has bound the local ponds quite a strong ice crust. We were joined by one old fisherman, often perelivami younger comrades.

At 10 o’clock in the morning drove up to the place. The pond was quite spacious, in fact it is an artificial lake, created by damming the river Polyanytsya. It was a weekday, overcast, fishermen almost was not.

Put your postawski, waiting around… And well, silence. And gear in this silence absolutely no signs of life.

Then we pulled their gear with a nod, began to try to catch them… Fished in a fish on the nose. And that’s all. More like we tried that day, caught nothing.

By the way, the fishermen, located in the distance did not exceed our result. It turned out that we all arrived too early, the output of Rotana in active feeding before the frost had not yet occurred.


Photo: Alexey Trembitsky.

I began to collect gear and saw that one of the imitation fish box shot. Decided that it from the wind. When it came to her and began to roll, it turned out that it hangs quite chubby romanchik.

So the first time I met tan, or rather the missed tan. Well, I’ll be more careful another time. Left in silence. Approaching the house, decided to visit the pond in a week. And so it was.

This time to our arrival on the ice was noticeably more people. And you might think, people do not sit simply so that gives some hope. I think it is possible… But the fish again was not.

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Even on our quite sickly pond in walking distance from home romanchik, though not large, but enough, quite a quickly, and here on you! Other fishermen also do not understand what it is. After all, these people already go for rotan and for Pergolese.

And never without fish is not going away, caught on 5-7 lbs. That I found out from other fishermen.

In General, this time more than one fish on brother we are not fished. Nicholas grieved and finally said more here in the winter will not go. But last year he was a good catch back.

Absolutely saddened, and most importantly, being completely puzzled, we got in the car and drove back. No luck, so here to catch.

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But the fisherman’s sorrow is not long. And now, just three days ago, we in the same squad, plus my little daughter, went to one of the “small caliber” ponds, as we call it, primarily because it is caught there only small things. Well, at least these bites will please.

And indeed, there is a pecking.

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As bait used already familiar perches lure with meat on the hook. And it is interesting that more than two fish from a single hole were not caught, had spudded in two to three steps and pull another couple. We even managed to capture the bite Rotana using handheld underwater camera.

In General, from the point of view of smoothing the previous two failures, outing on this vadimchik was quite pleasant. But before packing for the trip, I have swallowed “the bigger the beast”.

I pulled the handsome Rotana grams per 400, no less. These Velikanov hasn’t gotten one yet. It’s probably me a gift as compensation for past trips.

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I also noted an interesting feature of the behavior of this fish.

Here, for example, rotan bite: one bite, two, three. If there is a pause, it is possible spudded metres 7-10 (rotan, by the way, the sound of the drill is not particularly afraid of) and then continue fishing.

But at some point, if the team “do Not bite!”and in a radius of 25-30 meters the fish aren’t biting for some time. Although the sounder can be understood that the fish under the ice there.

You have to go completely to the other end of the pond, where the fish is caught. But then again, a certain number of bites and “stop game”, as the kids say, and here, apparently heard the command “do Not bite!”.

Going to the site of the original fishing there already seems to be “poklony” ban ended, again caught. And so we walk, when we catch Rotanov.

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And only in one pond this method of fishing is not working, it’s just the reservoir, where we went the first two times, where a large Rotana you can seduce only real bait and without changing places.

But to understand what is happening now can only be late; this year the fish are not pecking at all.

Well, the time will come and solve this riddle of nature.


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