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Destiny’s younger sisters Queen Elizabeth II Princess Margaret.

It considered one of the most beautiful women not only the UK but also across Europe. But Princess Margaret’s fate was to live in the shadow of her older sister, eventually took the throne. The sense of duty forced her to abandon her feelings, and the inability to forget a dear person pushed to the most extravagant actions. In fact, the fate of the Princess Margaret too resembled a beautiful fairy tale, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

Born to be a star

She was born in August 1930, when her older sister Elizabeth turned four. Before his ascension to the throne of her father was still six years old. However, George VI was not the heir apparent, but Edward VIII resolutely abandoned the throne for the sake of feeling for beauty Wallis Simpson. In 1936, after the coronation of his father, Elizabeth and Margaret received the title of Princess and became clear: the older destined to become the Queen, and the younger to be content with a role of the Royal sisters.

However, the baby at that time cared little, she completely missed the fact that next to it are favorite parents and an older sister who is always ready to come to her aid.

Parents and teachers dedicated to the education of sisters, is in no way shared girls: the same teachers, classes and methods. But lilibeth, as it was called Queen-to-close, and Margaret were very different in temperament and nature. Elizabeth was always restrained in expression of feelings, but he loved a fine and honored tradition. Margaret was emotional and quick-tempered, not tolerate the senseless adherence to the rules and deserved the glory of rebels and violators of peace.

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret with their parents.

The younger sister was never jealous of the older, but burdened by the need everywhere to follow lilibeth, not next to her. However, the relationship of the two princesses was always very warm, and the difference in character and position did not prevent them from sincerely loving each other.

Princess Margaret was remarkably beautiful, and still smiling, charming and open. How could some conventions to prevent her to enjoy life and become a real star?

Sense of duty

Princess Margaret that afternoon, when she turned 21.

By age 18, Princess Margaret was already a recognized beauty. She shone in society, was keenly interested in fashion and posing for magazines. Men invariably pay attention to her, she had many admirers, among them called the names of famous artists and writers. He Christian Dior suit for your charming Princess enchanting impressions, and Margaret at official receptions and social events was invariably elegant in fashionable outfits that are chosen, focusing solely on your own taste.

She was 22 when came the sudden death of George VI. Most of all grieved for the father of Princess Margaret. She was very close with his father, and he was well aware his younger daughter, for a long time was exactly in the same position as she herself was a mere shadow of his older brother, who was to inherit the crown.

Lilibeth has ceased to be just Margaret and her older sister. She became Queen and was estranged from his family. Besides Elizabeth was already married, and she grew up two children. From Buckingham Palace Princess Margaret with her mother moved to Clarence house, where he became friends with captain Peter Townsend.

Long time lovers hide their relationship when their romance became public, Margaret had to choose: to remain a member of the Royal family, or reach 25 years of age to abandon the title choosing life with a loved one. To marry Peter Townsend, who was by that time divorced, and remain in the status of Princess of great Britain, she could not.

Morally all were ready, the Princess will choose happiness with the beloved man, but in 25 years Margaret suddenly said, realizing his duty to the country, she breaks the relationship with Peter Townsend. Then she explained that the rejection of the family can entail the crisis of the monarchy and everything can end very badly for the country.

The decision was given to Margaret is not easy. They gave each other promise not to tie his life with anyone else, so if they are not destined to be together. The Princess was ready to keep my promise, but it’s only been 4 years and Peter himself told Margaret about his upcoming marriage. She felt betrayed. And a few days later made an offer to the photographer Tony Armstrong-Jones, who has been trying to take care of it.

This marriage did not bring happiness either her or her husband. The couple were born two children, and 18 years later they broke up. All this time Margaret did not deny himself the pleasure. However, after the divorce she continued to live as if trying to avenge itself for the rejection of love.

Endless entertainment events, a series of young lovers with disgust and condemnation from those who recently called her “English rose” — it was the lot of yesterday’s beauty. She spent time in clubs, smoked a lot and loved Jean.

In 1995, she learned that Peter Townsend is sick and soon it will not. She rushed toward him, not paying any attention to the conventions and rules of decency. And sat by his bed, told, asked, listened and smiled happily. He was exactly the same as many years ago, only white.

Seven years after the death of a loved one quietly passed away and she, not moving a stroke. And the Queen Elizabeth II every year on 9 Feb consistently grieving for his sister, the rebel who was never able to find happiness. Probably because abandoned it in favor of the monarchy.


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