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Как сын Шнурова разыгрывает публику

18-year-old Apollo Cords holds an exhibition Untitled.Jpg. It is based on the portraits and artworks on the theme of social protest and outburst.

Apollo Cord, 18-year-old son of the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov, first showed the St. Petersburg public with their artistic work. Exhibition of the young painter held in the gallery “Pig’s snout” (Fontanka embankment, 5/2).

Before Apollo Cords participated in the festival of music and arts in Barcelona. He is now studying in Spain. In fact, in this country and created most of the work. His works the artist calls an “electronic painting”. His famous father also is the founder of a new pictorial genre — the “brand-realism”. And it seems that the talent to play the audience to sneer at the public and their own weaknesses, newcomer Apollo is not inferior to him.

All work is created using a graphics tablet and computer software. The author says it uses plug-ins (software modules) of these oil smears, and the resulting image prints on canvas in a single copy. On the one hand, Apollo Cords claims the resemblance to the oil painting and the exclusivity of every work with these parties, people used to present classical art. On the other hand, the young artist creates stamps by technique, developed by Andy Warhol. The result is a digital electronic series, which, he argued, “is associated with commercialized and depersonalized figures”.

Как сын Шнурова разыгрывает публику

Physical art, according to Apollo Cords, losing ground, as its tools are easier to synthesise in a digital representation. Adaptation of the public to these changes — a question of time.

The artist, named his exhibition Untitled.Jpg. It is based on the portraits and artworks on the theme of social protest and outburst. According to the authors, they should not resemble the design of commercial projects. In the hall of the “Pig snout” you can see the self-portrait in an eccentric manner, which is now turned into an artist. Like most young people, Apollo is experimenting with the appearance and consciousness. The exhibition also includes the portrait of Victor Pelevin’s the yellow and blue color layers in a minimalist and “mystical” style.

Those who are interested in emotional tone and socio-political overtones to attract the “Red corner”. She’s probably on the relations of Church and state in the Russian Empire and the habit of the people to build that, and the other to the rank of untouchable authority. The title refers to the home altar in the home of the ancient Slavs associated with the rituals of pagan ancestors, and then borrowed for political education and the creation of the Soviet “red area”.

Как сын Шнурова разыгрывает публику

Perhaps here the audience is presented a kind of explosive mixture of dissimilar archaic attributes that society really likes to mix together: Epiphany bathing, sanctification store-bought cakes and eggs, dyed stamped stickers love high officials to visit all the important religious events.

But all that the viewer is thinking independently rather than reads from the picture. Work hard to be truly brave, eloquent, and politically obnoxious. It clearly serves only as a decoy for those who are not just curious, what will surprise the sophisticated Petersburg public heir of such extravagant and non-conformist creativity, but also expects to see the forerunner of the youth rebellion, the inevitable reconstruction of the life of the order, which is now tied to fears and prejudices.

Как сын Шнурова разыгрывает публику

And there is reason to believe that the Apollo Cords, like his father, with his rebellious rock music and innovative artistic ideas very elegantly fooled Bohemian lovers everywhere to search for underlying meanings. Especially in a difficult and crucial time because it is a fertile ground for bold experiments. But the real creative ideas always go hand in hand with incompetent speculation, and — with a graceful show of magician satirist. The same as Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, partly (but the latter in the first place was all the same artist).

Как сын Шнурова разыгрывает публику

And there are artists who don’t even need any visual effects. They have enough narrow-minded gullibility and conceit of “lovers”. Such weaknesses in pre-revolutionary Russia played the “Professor of black magic and white magic Count of Cagliostro”, which in fact was a retired Lieutenant-captain Grigoriev. About the reality of the existence of this character is not totally true facts. Historians have noted that the stray magicians in the Russian province was crowded. But they described the tricks of this artist is very similar to the technique many figures of “modern art”, and Shnurovym including.

The promotion of their “provocative” (and in reality are often ridiculous) projects largely depends on how many followers it will attract adept “fashionable-stylish-modern” circle. For the latter, the most terrible is even a second seem trivial gray and how mysterious the total mass. Whether direct descendants of those merchants and townspeople who came to see “the horse whose tail where all the horses head,” or as “the count of Cagliostro in the eyes of the dear public will eat a living person”? As mark wrote about this the specialists, nobody wanted to stay in the cold alone.

So the main “exhibits” at the exhibition of Apollo Shnurov also these are the fun lovers. The authors of the idea once again hit the target, and for this they should be commended.


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