As the Scots pay for utilities. Photo


Как шотландцы платят за коммунальные услуги. ФотоWater is a national treasure.

In my previous post about gas prices in London, I many asked to cite some interesting examples. Well – here’s another good example. Scotland.

The largest city is Glasgow.

We went to our family friend. Let’s call it, for example, uncle Scott. Uncle Cattle 65 and he lives in the room with a total area of 55 sq. m. it has no gas, because his home is not typical of Glasgow 24-storey building. All the heat and hot water is on electricity.

So. How many Uncle Cattle pays for electricity? About 80 pounds per month (3000 UAH) in winter and 40 pounds (1500 UAH) in the summer. Pay attention to his own inscription on 14 November. Then his account was 149 pounds. Now a little more than 7 pounds. The payment through the system in the likeness of the one that I showed in London. Only instead of the card had such a “smart” keychain purple.

But the most interesting thing. Uncle Cattle retired. A retired state in Scotland helps. In early October, the Cattle Uncle receives a letter from the Pension Fund, which he sent to the national company ScottishPower (such as our oblenergo) and in return she puts him on the counter (and the way he “smart” meter) 140 pounds. The letter is valid until March 1. Plus, once a Bank card is a pension Fund puts another 200 pounds for the heating season. A total of 340 pounds in the 5-6 colder months.

Yes. And I forgot to say. For water Uncle Scott doesn’t pay anything. Like all other Scots. It is a national treasure

P. S. Uncle the Cattle could not understand how it can be that the pension was equal to or less than the cost of utilities.

“In Scotland the never man will not give less money than they need for basic needs. Housing, food, and everything else. This simply can not be. Here is a crime,” concluded Uncle Scott.

Как шотландцы платят за коммунальные услуги. Фото
Как шотландцы платят за коммунальные услуги. Фото
Как шотландцы платят за коммунальные услуги. Фото


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