As the RF IC has done to expose the doping program of the Russian chemist scapegoat


Как СК РФ сделал разоблачившего российскую допинговую программу химика козлом отпущения

Attack futile

As the RF IC has done to expose the doping program of the Russian chemist Rodchenkova “scapegoat”

Russia decided on a counterattack on the doping case only when the threat to miss the Olympics to Pyeongchang became very real. At the beginning of the week waiting for the news from Lausanne about the new suspensions of the Russian Olympic team and flew in from Moscow.

Russia’s investigative Committee announced preliminary results of its investigation, according to which the presentation of Richard McLaren and all that followed, “refuted” on all counts. In Lausanne, however, the bomb did not notice.

Not only that, the investigation of the Investigative Committee, not a stone was left from the report of McLaren — it is unmasked and it gave rise to the Gregory Rodchenkov, which have only to catch and punish. Nothing. No substitution of doping tests during the Sochi Olympics or the massive use of doping Russian athletes, no holes in the wall anti-doping laboratory, nor criminal of scratches on the containers, no abnormal indicators in biomaterials, or the existence of any state of the application system and concealment of doping — no-th-th. But only a scoundrel Rodchenkov, who, according to aphoristic comment of Vitaly Mutko, “for personal reasons themselves, spread, covered”.

In fact, such an outcome of the Russian investigation of the “New” anticipated another year and a half ago, when “business Rodchenkova” only beginning to unwind. If you have someone to hang all the dogs, they will be hanged, and the figure was the most that neither is appropriate — the Changeling, double-dealer, which nowhere to put the stigma, nawrowski with three boxes in order to save their skins. Fed our valiant heroes under the guise of vitamins “stuff”, putting their health and life itself, the danger is that in October was declared internationally wanted, and now the prosecution is complemented by the conclusions of the UK.

Indeed, who to believe — not quite adequate to the former genius pharmacist or bona fide witnesses in 700 people interviewed during the investigation? As stated in the statement of the Investigative Committee, “none of them confirmed the existence of some doping program.” However, if any along with the responsible persons asked the construction workers that they could answer? And all the witnesses, regardless of rank or knowledge, except the enemy himself, and would confirm that now pulls on the criminal liability?

But it is the little things. Take it on faith that there was nothing to confirm, and all Rodchenkov invented — from “cocktails” to the hole in the wall, added in salt samples to participate in certain submenus of the FSB. Then what is to blame him, except lie? Or is that for your own benefit personally created exclusively for your system, which killed some Russian athletes and Russian sports have undergone unprecedented political attack?

Nestykovochka with Rodchenkova, where throw. Starting with the fact that his “cocktails” on the basis of three types of anabolic steroids is not a myth. According to anonymous confessions, which were not included in the dossier of the UK, three bottles of “pills” and the recommendations were.

Applied — not all, but applied. And someone (not Rodchenkov, why would he have to once again Shine) they carried and handed over — so was at least partially aware of. And someone, according to the specific lists of the main suspects, had to insure with the Sochi samples, and how it is implemented and how someone screwed up — that no Commission is you will not understand.

What personal financial gain could have Rodchenkov from their manipulations before and during Sochi 2014? Rollback bonus for medals too obvious nonsense, given the anonymity and strict secrecy. Vanity satisfied under the same anonymity is kind of like not about Rodchenkova.

Thought enough of the order. For Sochi-2014. Someone included Gregory Rodchenkov the list of awardees. Someone earlier gave carte Blanche to the person convicted of corruption seven years ago. Someone allowed him to experiment. Where the names of the defendants? Or the same people now outraged that Rodchenkov they were deceived, exceeded the limits of his own powers, inflicting heavy damage power?

De facto judge Rodchenkova going not for the fact that cheated poor and innocent athletes, and in fact, for the disclosure of secrets. Maybe even the state. And it’s not only in Russia, you know, because it never will be.

In Lausanne, everything will go on as usual until the verdict in Pyeongchang, which is expected to announce in early December.


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