As the mirror became a door between the physical world and subtle


Как зеркало стало дверью между физическим миром и тонким

A well-known fact: the mirror is the door between the worlds. The physical world and subtle. Transcendent and immanent. But why? How does it work?

Let’s start with the fact that mirrors are reflective surfaces. Everything reflects light, reflects and energy. But unlike concave mirrors, direct energy is not concentrated and not diffuse (as convex). It would seem, then why need direct mirror if they do not concentrate and not dissipate energy? But the fact that they have a remarkable property – they are not distorted (neither light nor energy). They give it in the form, where. Live view the mirror, and look in the concave, and immediately becomes clear what it was about.

Next: direct mirrors have the property not to distort the energy, so they are thus able to transmit it without distortion, and thus to preserve (but not inside, of course, and keep extending). Keep extending the key concept. Some come up with that mirror, they say, are the accumulators of energy. Of course, it is logical to think so, based on General information, but nevertheless, it is not. They retain, but not accumulate in itself. They keep extending the “life” energy.

This can be compared with the sound – it fades away, passing through the space. Before, when it was necessary to send a message long distance, used, among other things, the method of “perekleivanie”. The man standing on the tower, shouting loudly the message; the man standing on the other tower, hearing him, turned towards the third tower and also loudly shouted the same message. The man standing on the third tower, hearing him, turned towards the fourth, and again shouted the message. And so until the message reaches the destination. At that time it was, incidentally, the fastest way to send the message (after, of telepathy, of course). Well, in this scheme, the “life” of the dying sound every time has been extended through repetition. The same property, only in relation to energy, as has been said, possess and mirrors. The energy that passed straight through the mirror, prolongs its existence, as if it doubles. Once again, the mirror itself, nothing accumulates. To accumulate as such need a certain nutrient medium, like a sponge. The mirror, not a sponge, it only reflects.

However, let’s say, to be completely accurate. Under the mirror I here mean only the mirror surface but not the entire thickness of the mirror. Reverse mirrors are always made of stuff, so this material, like any other, remembers (and Yes – accumulates) energy. But not the one that falls on the mirror surface (the mirror repels), and the one that falls exactly on the memory backwards. For example, if your mirror “serves” you a long time and is not leaning against the wall, anyway, on the reverse side it also gets your energy, which is stored there, as in any other matter. Yes, and once I went to speech: don’t forget that different substances characterized by energy, some more willingly than others.

Now, when it became clear how this works, let’s return to our question: so why the mirror is the door between the worlds? The first thing that is important: it reflects both the world! And physical (your reflection in the mirror), and energy (as described above).

Mirror (by the way, and fire) can be seen simultaneously in these two worlds. You see your mirror (just the reflective surface) in my room, and in the same place in the subtle world it sees, for example, the house. Thus, a mirror is an object for which you can catch from here and there. It serves as a kind of beacon. But we must understand that our two worlds exist simultaneously and in parallel in the same space, and therefore there can be no doors in the conventional sense of the word. No door that would separate one space from another, so to be able to get from one to another through physical movement. All these stories about how people step in preventing the mirror to understand the truth. But still the mirror is the door, but in another sense. Because the mirror is a beacon for single and two simultaneously existing, but not related to each other worlds, it just is one of those points where they still apply. So the word “parallel” as applied to these worlds, too, is not quite correct. That is why the mirror is a door between worlds. If you touch the mirror surface, and at the same time in the same place it will touch a creature of the subtle world, you each other feel. Or if you sit in front of a mirror and the creature, too, will sit in front of that mirror, then you can send each other energy (images, information, etc.). This is the “door”. It is a way to communicate.

Other aspects. Why say that you can’t look in the mirror? Supposedly, you can quickly grow old, get demon or something. It would seem that if the mirror extends the life of energy through replication, why it’s dangerous or bad? The fact that the mirror creates a new copy and doesn’t care one bit about the original. Remember the example with the supporters of the towers – they are all the same that the previous sound fades, most importantly, to subsequent lived. With a mirror about the same: a copy of the energy of your face is created from the energy of your face! Copy reflected from a mirror back to you and as it “washes” you. Washes you of your own energy, so you feel nothing. But try to stand in front of the mirror together with someone (no matter before or behind) – you immediately feel like you have energy washes his face (if you are sensitive enough, of course). Well, the mirror creates a copy of your energy, feeding on it. Now it is clear? The longer you look in the mirror, the more energy it will take. I foresee your question: what does the reflected energy back to us not coming back? Returned, but only partially. Losses are inevitable. These losses occur in two cases:

Change the angle (remember physics section about optics) leads to the fact that some of the energy will be returned directly to you, and slightly to the side and leaves.

There are no perfect mirrors. Any, even the most good and smooth mirror contains strains, I’m not talking about scratches and fingerprints. As a result, the returned energy is already not absolutely the same that came from you. You feel it and subconsciously “close” for her entrance back (say, “it’s Not me, I don’t recognize, suddenly a spy, suddenly the energy virus”). Thus, a portion of the recovered energy flows back into you because you it is not allowed. Your subconscious mind works as a filter. Here, by the way, there is one caveat. The filters are different: the more you respect yourself and love, the harder your “firewall”, ie, less than the cell filter. The person who very strongly loves, the filter is very strict, so only a small portion returned from the mirror energy is passed back as the result – he gets tired quickly and soon grows old.

As you can see, simple when you know how the world works. And it is not necessary to invent anything.

About the demon is if the filter is broken, the cell unreasonably large, or the person does not love himself, has not learned to respect themselves (there are). Here in such cases, a person may enter any bestina. But among esoteric, but beginners should be careful.

Another interesting aspect – why is it necessary to cover the mirrors if the house is dead. Let’s deal. The dead man (before the ninth day) is the soul, which on the one hand “there”, but on the other hand, too used to this world, to direct him to leave. As a result, the soul seeks to return. She walks around the house and remembers the location of mirrors in order to use them as beacons to return. Like, a noble goal. Nothing wrong with soul family members do not want to, just wants to go back. But for the living it looks very different. First, the dead man, seeing the subtle world and learn how to live, begins to teach live – many do not like. Secondly, it aims to influence the situation as well as he did in life. Third, he seeks to remind about yourself that could once again hurt the mortals, and just annoying. Fourth, it can begin to bring “friends” from the subtle world, which has, in contrast, intentions can be bad. And finally, fifth, if he didn’t get along with relatives and was an evil man, he may wish to avenge, or even to pull someone with you. By the way, to pull with him he may wish not only of evil, but of strong love. Here, all the “charm” anyone not particularly pleasing, therefore people are trying to hang a mirror (that was not excessive, negative contacts with the subtle world), trying for the same reason, to hide in the closet the possessions of the deceased, to lock his room, laying face down on the table pictures of him – all to limit the possible points of contact between the two worlds.

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