As the family of the Vice-mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov earned billions


Как семья вице-мэра Москвы Петра Бирюкова заработала миллиарды

Relatives of the Vice-mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov bought a huge penthouse in “Legend of Tsvetnoy”. The market value of apartments in the area of 1.5 billion rubles

22 Dec 2015 the sales managers of a luxury residential complex “Legend of Tsvetnoy” was a good day. In the Central tower of the complex at once bought nine out of ten apartments on two floors — a huge duplex penthouse with panoramic Windows and views of the Kremlin, which, according to the developer, “blurs the boundaries between man and the city, opening the possibility without restrictions to enjoy the views of the capital.” The total cadastral value of apartments is more than 820 million roubles; on the basis of nascency similar penthouses in the “Legend of Tsvetnoy”, their market value could reach 1.6 billion rubles.

As found “Medusa”, all nine penthouses have acquired family members of the Vice-mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov, who for more than ten years head of the entire urban center. According to statements from the Federal registration service, four apartments went to his eldest daughter, 46 — year-old Irina Biryukova; two 41-year-old son Alexander Biryukov; three wife Aleksandra, 31-year-old Ekaterina Biryukova. Total area of penthouses, caught up in the ownership of Biryukov’s family, over 1600 square feet (e.g., two times more than the yeliseyevsky store on Tverskaya).

Built the “Legend of Tsvetnoy” and owns complex development holding Capital Group. The company associated with the holding, in 2015 became the largest contractors in Moscow programmes of improvement, which oversees the Vice-mayor Biryukov. According to the estimates of “Medusa” for the last four years, the structure of the Capital Group was on the program “My street” contracts for a total amount of about 21.5 billion rubles.


Как семья вице-мэра Москвы Петра Бирюкова заработала миллиарды


Residential complex and business center “Legend of Tsvetnoy” on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow

Dmitry Ryzhenkov / Photobank Lori


Biryukov and his family has a huge estate near Moscow. Mansions, guest houses and stables


According to the Declaration on incomes and property Biryukov, property Vice-mayor and his wife very much. So he Biryukov owns a small plot of land on 15 acres, small house and joblocom in the village of Popovka Chekhovian area of Moscow suburbs and his wife Antonida owned adjacent plot of 25 acres.


To look at these areas, or even to approach them, however, is impossible: both are located behind a high metal fence that encloses the territory more than 15 hectares. Almost all this land is owned close relatives Biryukova: most of the territory belongs to his son, Alexander, almost 2 acres — daughter Irina. Plots belonging to different family members, messy — to pass from one to another is often possible only through the territory that belongs to another owner.


Present Biryukov’s family estate and several sites not owned by the relatives of Vice mayor. One of them owns a good friend of Pyotr Biryukov Victor Beekeepers, who worked with officials from the early 1990s until the end of 2012, former Deputy head of the Moscow Department of housing and public works; about the owners of the three plots data in Rosreestra not available.


Peter himself Biryukov on the territory owned only a small house and economic unit. Relatives of the Vice-mayor live at least modestly. Irina Biryukova owns three houses, the largest of which is almost the same surface area as nine penthouses in the “Legend of Tsvetnoy”. The son Vice-the mayor Alexander owns a residential house, guest house and barn; their total cadastral value of 116.5 million rubles. The biggest building in the village is owned by the niece of the official Angelika Biryukova, who works as the press Secretary of the sports complex “Luzhniki”: the area of her home — more than 2 thousand square meters.


In addition to town houses and penthouses with views of the Kremlin Irina Biryukova and her son own the nine-room apartment in the eight-apartment houses the house on the Patriarchal ponds. Among their neighbors — the Vice-mayor (in 2010, it even came with the police to eliminate the veranda of the restaurant under their Windows), and also Yury Bulanov, who worked in the 2000s, Deputy Biryukova, when he headed the Prefecture of the southern district. In August 2010 Bulanova was convicted of embezzling 17 million rubles; the investigation revealed that the officer owns several country houses in the suburbs, apartments in Paris and nice and hotel complex in Moscow. Bulanov was given 3.5 years in prison; two years later he was paroled. In the house at the Patriarch he still owns the nine-room apartment.


There is another property and the rest of the relatives Biryukova. So, the family of his son Alexander previously owned a six-room apartment on Zoologicheskaya street — but in 2012 sold it is associated with Capital Group Cyprus company that built the LCD “Imperial house” near the Park “Muzeon”. After a year the owner of two apartments in “Imperial house” was the niece of the Vice-mayor of Anzhelika Biryukova; their market value was not less than 445 million rubles.


Business relatives Biryukova and their partners has always been associated with the work of the official


In 2014, Biryukov asked about how his family earn money. “I like to communicate with family, — said the Vice-mayor, and adhere to the principle: we never talk about business.” (The questions of “Medusa” Biryukov did not answer.)


Despite this principle, the business of relatives of officials closely associated with enterprises that oversees their father. So, Irina and Ekaterina Biryukova (daughter and daughter-in-law of the Vice-mayor) own the company “Venta”, which rents the city trucks with drivers. In 2012-2015 she is signed with urban enterprises subordinate to Peter Biryukov, 14 contracts for a total amount of 365 million rubles; net profit of “vents” for 2013-2015 amounted to 639 million. After the information about it appeared in the investigation of the newspaper RBC, “Venta” has ceased to receive money from government agencies; the company continues to exist and develop.


“Venta”, in particular, owns 600 square meters of office space on the seventh floor of a skyscraper “the City of capitals” (and it’s also built holding Capital Group). In the same premises, according to 2Gis, is the company “Spetsstroy XXI” — its, for example, attracted as a subcontractor in the landscaping of the Park “Tsaritsyno”. Oversaw the improvement of the Department, subordinate to Peter Biryukov, a General contractor works were holding “Universstroylyuks”, which belongs to the younger brother of the Vice-mayor Alexey Biryukov (the frames of improvement program “My street” company related “Universstroylyuks”, received from the city of 6.3 billion rubles). The General Director of “Spetsstroy XXI”, in turn, is the son of Vice mayor Alexander Biryukov, — by the way, his career he nacinal Capital Group.


When the “Medusa” called “Spetsstroy XXI”, the woman who answered the phone, told the correspondent that he was in company “Venta”, but “Spetsstroy” is here, too. Knowing that calling a journalist, she told reporters, the company does not communicate, but promised to send Alexander Biryukov subscriber’s telephone number. Biryukov did not call back.


“Venta” is not the only business asset Irina and Ekaterina Biryukova. Until April 2014, they owned 15% of the company that owned Ugreshskaya plant of pipeline valves. The main customers of the plant was “Mosvodokanal”, “Mosgaz” and “Mosenergo” — on the boards of Directors of all three companies was part of Pyotr Biryukov.


Irina Biryukova in early 2010-ies was also a co-owner of companies “Transkapital so” and “Teskla”, which a few years before that, when Pyotr Biryukov was prefect of the southern district, received from the city the land for the construction of a shopping center near the metro station “Ulitsa Akademika Yangelya”. Partner Biryukova, Olga Belostotskaya (then bore the name of Amursana) — she was the head of several companies, addresses and phone numbers which coincides with the registration data “of Transkapital” and “Tekky”. These companies belonged to more than 250 stalls at stops of public transport in the southern, Eastern and Northern districts.


In 2011-2012, the municipality decided to eliminate stalls at stops and has terminated the contracts with the Bialystok. After that, the partner Biryukova moved to the civil service, and spent more than five years in leadership positions in a subordinate Vice-mayor of the urban center. For example, as Director of the municipal enterprise “ekotekhprom”, the Bialystok oversaw the distribution of 15-year contracts for garbage removal from Moscow — more than 142 billion rubles went to the company of Roman Abramovich and structures associated with Igor Chaika, the Prosecutor General’s son. 2017 Bialystok heads the Department of asset management of holding company Capital Group.



Как семья вице-мэра Москвы Петра Бирюкова заработала миллиарды



Как семья вице-мэра Москвы Петра Бирюкова заработала миллиарды


Dump in the suburban area Olga Belostotskaya, summer 2016


However, apparently, with Capital Group, the Bialystok interacted before. In 2016, the correspondent of “Medusa” found in Istra district of Moscow region construction waste landfill, landscaping elements and granite, which was laid on the Boulevard ring (the contract for its landscaping received a holding structure of the Capital Group). According to the data of Rosreestr, the land on which the landfill is placed, belonged to the Bialystok Olga and her husband Sergey.


Success story two major Moscow real estate development companies, is also associated with family Biryukova


Another business, the share of which belongs to Irina and Ekaterina Biryukova, is the Bank “Garant-invest” and the eponymous development company. Their principal owner — Alexey Panfilov: the Bank he headed in 1996 when he was 24; in 1999, he occupies the post of Advisor Biryukov on a voluntary basis.


Business, “Garant-invest” is closely associated with the career of Vice-mayor. The company owns dozens of shopping centers, which are located near metro stations within the boundaries of the Northern and southern districts of Moscow (e.g., the “Gallery Airport” in the metro “Airport” or “Prague castle” to “Prague” and many others). Permission for the construction of “Garant-invest” was given, when the Prefecture of the districts were headed by Pyotr Biryukov; as a rule, new shopping malls liquidated on the spot by the authorities of the spontaneous markets. Had the attitude of “Garant-invest” and the program of creation of a network of convenience stores in the southern district, launched Biryukov, the company built six stores and received 51 site under construction. According to “the guarantor-invest”, the company’s income from rental of premises could amount to 22.5 billion rubles per year.


A majority of “Garant-invest” belongs to the members of the family of Alexey Panfilov — however, among the minority of aktsionirovanii is not only close relatives Biryukova, but also other people associated with the city. So, small stakes in the company’s own former chief of staff of the mayoralty Victor Korobchenko (he is also Chairman of the Board of Directors) and the wife of the head of Mothersurname Natalia Gorbunova. A little more than 2% of shares at Vitaly Smirnov, against which in 2017 opened a criminal case: his company is accused of embezzlement in the construction and reconstruction of facilities management Department of the President of Russia.


Another big player on the real estate market in South (and Southeast) district of the Moscow group of companies “ten”, which owns several major shopping and business centers. In 2017, the holding occupies the 27th place in the ranking of the largest owners of real estate in Russia; Forbes magazine estimated his income from the renting of real estate in 70 million dollars.


Founded the company Ruslan Gutnov and Dmitry Sudyin, who had been friends since childhood and studied together to be engineers-metallurgists. In the 1990-ies the Sudyin was Deputy head of the Council of the Ryazan region located in the southeastern administrative area. Among the owners of “ten”, which had just started to do business, was the son of the head of the Council, supervisor Sudina; all of the first objects of the holding were in the territory of the Ryazan district.


Soon the company began to construction plots and in other areas of Moscow. Partner Sudina Ruslan Gutnov in the mid-1990s, is married to Irina Biryukova, a younger brother of Gutnova Timur after some time became co-owner of holding “Universstroylux”, founded by the younger brother of Alexey Biryukov.


Gutnov and Irina Biryukova eventually divorced, but the couple has a common son — Nikita. He is now 24 years old. Some time ago, my mother gave him a house in the suburban village of Popovka on a securely fenced site owned by the family of Biryukov’s. The house area is nearly 600 square meters; its cadastral value is 27.6 million rubles.


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