As Sergei Udaltsov filed an application for a job in the Kremlin


Как Сергей Удальцов подал заявление на работу в Кремле

When released, Udaltsov appeared who was always a Stalinist Imperial views, and a supporter of the Kremlin’s policy, says Konstantin Eggert, specially for DW.

August 10 press conference in Moscow office of “Rosbalt” was set a record. From the mouth emerged two days before that freedom to Sergei Udaltsov voiced the longest in modern Russian history, the statement of work. The leader of the collapse of the “Left front”, as his almost an hour speech, applies for a position in the Department of “Systemic opposition” of the Department of internal policy of presidential administration of the Russian Federation. There is already a working person, which Udaltsov clearly takes the example – Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov. About him released from prison, Sergei S. said almost elegiac: “it would be Zyuganov in power – would be Amnesty.”

Putin – good and bad

Anticipating the questions of journalists, Udaltsov fifty minutes expounded his views on foreign and domestic policy of the Kremlin (first good, second bad), the prospects of the opposition (ready to block against all, but on tactical questions), gave a testimonial about former colleagues in the protest movement (mostly negative) and prison system (suddenly reticent, sometimes warm – “visited the Spa zero stars”).

Udaltsov was briefly said that his views he has not changed and remains in opposition to Putin. However, the greater part of his speech devoted to the key authorities supporting the annexation of Crimea, Zyuganov type spells against the “neoliberal policy of the authorities”, and – most importantly – the defamation of democratic opposition. She showed “dishonesty” and “played off” between demonstrators and police on Bolotnaya square in may 2012.

Especially got Alexei Navalny and why is Ksenia Sobchak, who is the Creator of the “Left front” is actually called the provocateurs. Cost to close my eyes and had the distinct impression that the air in the next “discussion” on “the First channel” where carefully selected participants heated discussion on what kind of foreign intelligence work “Navalny and” angrily criticized the Cabinet for “monetarism” and compete to see who’s hotter loves the Crimea and the “people of Donbass”.

The climax of the press conference was this phrase: “My personal mistake was excessive confidence in some people – has led me to places of deprivation of liberty”. I immediately remembered a rare staging TV programs on Soviet TV, where individual broken dissidents “upright” confessed that they misled “the CIA and world Zionism” – that is, those who in no way admitted and received real term.

It turns out, anyway, in that period in the colony Udaltsov was serving at fault not so much of the Kremlin as the opposition. To put it mildly, rather bizarre way of resumption of dialogue with a broad coalition of opposition forces, which allegedly wants to revive the recent prisoner.

Prilepin, Zyuganov and place in the Duma?

But, in fact, no coalition will be. Since the protests five years have passed and romantic flair has dissipated. Udaltsov appeared before the public who, apparently, were always the Soviet-type Communist with Imperial manners. As aptly remarked one of the wits on Twitter: a 40-year-old man says almost the same and the same as 96-year-old veteran of the Central Committee of the CPSU Egor Ligachev.

The immediate prospects Sergey Stanislavovich is clear: soon – a trip to the occupied Donbass. There he will take a shot with the “President” Zakharchenko and a TV camera will fire from a mortar on the “ukram” self-appointed “political officer” by Zachary Prilepin. Then followed the rise to show Vladimir Solovyov or other staff of the promoter. In the Studio of former opposition leader would be hard to argue Nikonov and other Mikheev, categorically demanding to Annex the Donbass, to prohibit the importation of Bourbon and – of course – to deal finally with the “fifth column”.

If you’re lucky, when the record is finally removed, you see, and would be allowed to pass to the Moscow city Duma and in the State, according to the list of the Communist party. The Communists on the orders of the Kremlin will not give up paternal shelter “Junior companion”. Diplomatic passport, assistant, transport Executive-travel – is not life?

However, the Communist leader Zyuganov is (what the scientists wondered five years ago) Udaltsov will be unlikely. Still, a criminal record, anyway, and political sense is not very much. So elegant to help the Kremlin, Zyuganov, Udaltsov does not know and hardly learn. The real left opposition – for example, the young “Left bloc” of anarchists and anti-capitalists, get rid of Stalinism and neo-imperialism go its way. Without him. And so it looks like political death.


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