As I was selling in a crisis apartment


The nearest last Monday.

Son going to buy a new apartment. In The New Building. Decided to sell grandmother’s apartment, to take a little money and buy yourself a new home mortgage. Got married, needed a bigger place. Wife was pregnant with twins – for us all, this great joy. Sold for a long time.

Crisis, numerous views,numerous realtors, crowds of connoisseurs resale properties for pennies. And none of the Buyer. They all go with a clever, tartly. He was a Buyer, I know how to walk. All bad: good apartment, good host, but with the Wallpaper 3-4 years ago turns into the wretched abode of some bloke.

But when your apartment is lovingly turned wife into a cozy nest, is regarded as cowards on the subject of daub poop is annoying. And you feel like a virgin, the first time was before gynecological chair, under the skeptical gaze medobrazovaniya, but sprightly nurse: now, let’s see….

But that’s not it. I will describe the Last Face our customers!

Came couple. Man, as a man – fingerfucked by the constant whims of his bitch. Nothing wanting, except the speedy end of ALL. But would rather, but the result is not important – everything will be as YOU wish, sweetie. And the Shopper – big pregnant bitch.

I love pregnant women. Imbibed with mother’s milk. My grandfather loved my pregnant women. My dad wore on his hands his woman, who bore me in the womb. And I, in the best traditions of my family, adored by all their women – expectant mothers, it so happened that I had a few. Pregnant is the most beautiful woman. But THAT bitch had something! Apartment, I have already said, was very huge and very comfortable, everything was imported, a work, a real fortress, warm and cozy home for several years, sheltering, first my mother, then me.

Mother worked in the North and the HBC bought this huge expensive new Building in the heart of the city.

And here came the Frog. It is widely fanned nostrils, drew air into every corner. She did not like it. She wrinkled her nose at the newest kitchen. Came into the bathroom, and suddenly, stared at the corner of the bathroom. And again, frowned. Inspected the Slide, and grimaced. With a terrible disgust crossed with a loggia balcony. And again, frowned. What’s not to like on the empty balcony, I don’t know.

In the end, she noisy pulling in air through the huge frog’s nose, and went to the exit. I was just wondering, what do you say to this female in the end.

– Nothing good in this. – said the Toad.

– I have the same bedroom. You have just ONE room more. I’m not going to sell my kopeck piece, “Taiwan” (the remote poor suburbs) just to buy this two bedroom! ‘said the Toad.

In Crisis come to You some very interesting specimens. Normal Buyers anymore. And come only to those who have no money for good: on a normal luxury car, multilevel neat apartment.

Such money IS only for a one-bedroom apartment! But these Ball – with a huge ego! They look all expensive apartments, they think that they will soon live in a tremendously beautiful and rich apartment. They are also buyers. And gloss, and glitter luxury apartments begins to blur the sight of these Poor! Cattle will always consider your property.

So already in History! When the palaces became a Pegasus and a Dorm!

And we still sold. Money paved as we wanted. We just need to wait. The son and his wife, in the end, it was Velma happy.

Как я продавал в кризис квартиру


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