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The United States has long dominated the International Olympic Committee


Как надломили Баха

No, as you can see, nothing is more dangerous in the West today than to pass “the other Russia”. Then you will cut walnut, will be deprived of work, money, destroy a reputation and maybe even end up in jail. Even the President of the United States Donald trump inadvertently declared the election’s intention to “get along with Putin” still can not fend off violent attacks. Such thoughts involuntarily come to mind, if you follow an unexpected pirouettes in the behavior of the current head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thomas Bach.

Himself, who is now suddenly refused to implement the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne and to allow for the Olympics in no way guilty of 13 Russian athletes. The Russians in Pyeongchang nothing to do, and the court should be reformed – said Thomas Bach. In other words, the IOC has made it clear that he was going to disperse independent judges and to take the court under full control. Instead of having to abide by the decision of the court, he intends to subordinate the court yourself!

The act of crying. Just out of the ordinary! Then the violation of the Olympic Charter, and violations of the principle of independence of the court and the presumption of innocence, and cynical humiliation “clean” athletes. Comment on this is simply impossible. Group by anyone not authorized sports officials completely overwrites all existing laws for themselves, and if they don’t like judicial decisions, they not only do not have to obey, but also claim that the court should “reform” in accordance with their beliefs. But the main question is, of course, to Mr. Bach, the head of the organization, one of the main principles of which is to be apolitical. How could he, himself a former athlete, to make such shameful act and the Holy Olympic principle publicly to trample on?

It is clear, of course, against the background of raging in the West of Russophobia, sanctions, such a step is, as they say, trending. But still… Because in 2016 the IOC under his leadership are still allowed Russian national team to the summer Olympic games in Brazil, despite numerous requirements of the Russophobes and the insistent recommendations of Washington “do not let go!»


Bach also supported the Olympics in Sochi, and even openly stated that IOC is “a positive experience of cooperation with Russia and Putin.”


And indeed in Sochi in 2014, he sat on the podium next to Putin, and it was obvious that it refers to our country with undisguised sympathy. And suddenly – boom-boom! “A number of magical changes pretty face!»

However, nothing surprising in this current pirouette Mr. Bach no. It is surprising how he even lasted this long in the position of “neutrality”. We about it wrote little, but after the decision on the admission of Russia to the Games in Brazil and the great success of our country at the Olympics in Sochi on the poor Baja in the West, especially in his native Germany, fell literally a barrage of fierce criticism. “Putin’s poodle” was called then the most popular German weekly “Bild”. “Bang, and is well known – wrote “Bild”, is an old friend of the Kremlin. According to some reports, the Russians in Germany, highly contributed to the election of Bach on this post. Perhaps now he did them a favour”. And another German weekly “die Zeit” has accused Bach of corruption and called it “highly paid sports Ambassador of Russia”. “Russophile and corrupt – as loves Putin” – so titled his article this edition.


“Black label” from Washington

The squeals of the European media would not care, but Bach soon received a “black mark” already from Washington. And from the then outgoing President Barack Obama, who did not like that, as the capital of summer Olympic games-2016 was chosen as Rio de Janeiro and not Chicago.

By the way, it happened after there was a significant massacre of FIFA President Sepp Blatter. In Washington, infuriated great success of Russia in Sochi, took the decision to “contain” Russia in the sport.


Even before the doping scandals and export in USA provocateur Rodchenkova, it was decided to “close the question” benevolent Russia, or just a neutral affiliated with the sports officials in Europe. The first “under the hand” got Sepp Blatter.


He was accused of corruption opened a criminal case and even removed from the leadership of the football. “Dirt” dug up on the dawn of his sporting career. It turned out that in 1972 the Olympics in Munich that is Blatter was the referee-timekeeper, who during the drama of the match USSR-USA basketball has added to the game time of 3 seconds, which allowed our athletes to beat the invincible team USA. The Americans were furious, did not attend the award ceremony. For which, incidentally, is not disqualified, what would any other team in the world. But most importantly, Blatter has since been in the American “black list”. When he, against their will, became the head of FIFA, he began a hunt. Well, when Blatter gave Russia the right to host the world Cup, we have thus signed the verdict himself.

“The decision the IOC in choosing host cities of the Games is corrupt. This reminds of the IOC FIFA,” hinted Mr. Obama unleashed on Bach. “Chicago was the favorite in the fight for the right to host the Games in 2016, but bid Rio de Janeiro won in a dispute with Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago. The decision was rigged”, – said the President of the United States. After that, it was clear that Bach would have not sweet and its sad fate awaits Blatter. Had a former fencing champion to delay the sword to the side and surrender…


Who in the IOC host

What Thomas Bach could do? He knew someone in the house, i.e. in the IOC host.


Indeed, in the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee consists of 14 people, two of them representatives of the United States, and the majority of the countries of their satellites. No representative from Russia in the Executive Committee there, but why?


After all, our country was not just a winner of Olympiads and won them the lion’s share of medals. There are two representatives from Switzerland, which any sports achievements does not Shine. There is even the representative of Ukraine, which recently became a separate state and also still can not boast of success in sports.

Almost completely depend on the United States and the budget the IOC. Seven of the thirteen main sponsors of the IOC – a major U.S. company Coca-Cola, General electric, VISA and others, which bring more than half of the budget of the International Olympic Committee. Not just that, and Bach and his comrades in the IOC will remain on the beans. Because the contents of one only of the President of the IOC, i.e. Mr. Bach do now, 350 thousand dollars a year. This amount includes both salary and expenses for his business trips. Previous presidents, by the way, the “cost” much cheaper, about 190-200 thousand dollars. So it is no wonder that under the threat of losing a large sum, but still be generally out of the sport, as it has done with Blatter, Bach suddenly changed the orientation.

With the start of the Olympic games of the new time, the U.S. used them in non-athletic purposes. So in 1904, the organizers of the Olympic games in St. Louis held in the framework of the so-called “anthropological days” for Eskimos, Filipinos, Indians, to compare their athletic abilities with representatives of the European race. They competed in running, high jump, archery and the javelin. The winners were awarded an American flag instead of gold medals.

The last Games before the Second world war took place in 1936 in Berlin. Host the Olympics in the German capital, was granted in 1931, but two years later came to power the Nazis. The Commission the IOC, who came to Berlin with a check state of Affairs, was quite pleased and attempts to transfer and boycott the Berlin Olympics broke. This was largely due to the United States –President of the NOC USA Avery Brender made a public statement that the boycott is “alien to the spirit of America, the idea of a conspiracy in order to politicize the Olympic games” and “the Jews should understand that they can’t use Games as a weapon in their fight against the Nazis.” The Olympic games held in Berlin, their was opened personally by Adolf Hitler, and the delegations of some countries in the parade of the participants saluted the head of the Third Reich the Nazi salute. In early 1980, the United States announced the boycott of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The United States managed to attract a boycott of over 60 countries, however, completely disrupt the Game and failed. By the way, so it would be quite possible to announce the boycott of the Olympics because of the invasion of US troops in Iraq!

Well, then our country began to use other weapons – doping charges. So at the winter Olympics-2002 in salt lake city women’s team of Russia on ski races are unable to compete in the relay, because two of its participants were accused of doping just before the start, when the replacement was no longer possible. Russian biathlete Pavel Rostovtsev, one of the favorites of the Olympics, blood doping was made just before the start. As a result, the athlete failed race. Well, what’s going on with this case now – everyone already knows…


Ears stick out to the FBI…

To print already got information about that for political purposes was used by the IOC created the World anti-doping Agency (WADA). Recently the participants of the hacker group Fancy Bears released an open letter to the former honorary IOC member and former President of the International Cycling Union (UCI) President Hein Verbruggen with allegations against WADA. In fact, Verbruggen spoke to Thomas Bach with a request to pay attention to the fact that WADA since its Foundation was used for the fight against doping, but purely for political purposes.


The document contains the accusation against the former President of WADA, Richard pound to use WADA to combat IOC. It also States that the Commission WADA, headed by Richard McLaren, closely connected with the American FBI.

Experts Fancy Bears also found that a member of the research group Richard young is a partner of international law firm Bryan Cave. Yang is responsible for the cooperation between McLaren and scientific Director of the IOC, Richard Bagetta, and the company Bryan Cave known close cooperation with the FBI. In this regard, it is not surprising that one of the best employees of Bryan Cave Hal goldsmith received the award from FBI Director. And from the reports of Richard McLaren becomes clear that the chief investigator Martin Dubbey is also associated with the FBI.

That is why, as co-Chairman of Association of lawyers of Russia Sergey Stepashin, it is necessary to reform the IOC. He stressed that his decision not to issue invitations to the Games in Pyeongchang justified Russian athletes “violates not only common sense, but at least four principles of the Olympic Charter”. As a result, according to him, there is discrimination and violation of the rights of our athletes.

“The IOC gave themselves unprecedented right to prompt athletes by unilaterally formed the criteria refer only to the Russian athletes. This is unacceptable!””Mr. Bach after the CAS decision said about the need to reform the court of arbitration for Sport. We support this decision! But then you need to raise the issue of reforming the IOC”, – concluded Sergei Stepashin.

Andrey Sokolov


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