As a disabled person who lost a granddaughter 10 years seeking justice from the local security forces


Как инвалид, потерявший внучку, 10 лет добивается справедливости от местных силовиков

52-year-old resident of Apsheronsk Victor Vergunov wrote over 100 letters to President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev, complaining of inaction and arbitrariness of local power structures. 10 years he is trying to achieve a fair trial of the accident that made him disabled. During his lawsuit he suffered several misfortunes to which law enforcement agencies also remained indifferent. Open Russia brings the story Sverkunova.



In 2007 I was hit by a car. I was riding my bike down the side of the road. Food, the corner of my eye I see something red, then blow, the darkness. From blow out from under me bike seven meters left. I woke up in the hospital. Well, there are injuries, they almost are not compatible — open fracture two bones, fracture of the arches of the second and third cervical vertebrae, concussion, head smashed in several inches.

At the scene from ambulance, police, of course. Arrives the inquirer, fills out the paperwork. Says I fled the scene of the accident. This is how it?! Directly into the er, unconscious disappeared. I consciousness came more than a day, and I have black all in the eyes, I could not speak. And she wrote that disappeared, and in materials it still. And what can I say, if the investigation has started?

By all indications, what happened to me is serious bodily injury, i.e. article 264 of the criminal code (part 1 — “Violation of traffic regulations, entailed heavy harm to health”. — Open Russia). However, all damage, all serious injuries, they scored as medium severity [of harm] and a little later on the brakes — the money is paid. The thing just dropped from the beginning.

Here is, for example, an x-ray. Right there you can see all the injuries, all the bones broken. And they say — there’s nothing, everything’s fine. To fix the fractures, I had to Krasnodar to go almost immediately after discharge. The bone has shifted, our Konovalov say normal, will grow back. Only through relatives, through friends, was able to a proper hospital then to get, I was operated on.

Checked out — go to the investigator. He kind of listens to me and writes even more. I told him: “You are what you write”. Surprised: “How not?”. Prints, reads to me, and there is generally not my words. There all goes like I’m to blame in an accident. I refused to sign the Protocol, so they then just the signature forged.

The case stalls. Take a lawyer, because he already can not cope, go to court. Cancel the investigator’s decision, he again closes. We cancel — closes. I have not even recognized the right for victims; judgement-given, only it has not been signed. In the end, it still comes to court, but we persistently fail somehow to reconciliation. The culprit has 10 thousand roubles, they say, he is retired, he no longer has. The investigators then gave, that and no more. And I for my disability for life offers 10 thousand. I refused, of course.

Disability for life — this is serious. I got it at the Moscow examination. Here is not allowed, otherwise, the case collapsed, and under the investigators rocked the chair. I asked the judge to appoint a handwriting expert regarding the signatures on the minutes of the interrogation. Refused, of course, does not appointed. Yes there expertise! You realize that even witnesses are not called, what can be discussed? As no witnesses to hold the trial?! He was an eyewitness, there were people who called an ambulance — they are not even all set. And I refused everything. Refuse, refuse, refuse. The circus left, clowns left here. It is necessary that the clowns took that, too.


It’s not one time when they do not want to work. I have had two granddaughters. Older 10 years old and the youngest would have been 3 of the November nine. In July she drowned. The former son-in-law took her to the river to bathe, he did it all the time — take the kids, buy them ice cream, take a walk. When picking up the kids, and was sober. On shore drunk.

In General, no one knows exactly what happened. Apparently, they swam across the river with his son, swam across, and at some point she was away from him and drowned. And you know what he did after that? He took the eldest by the hand and went home. Ambulance, police, emergency — they are caused by other people. Tried to get the other person. When all arrived, he was asked: “If it was unhooked, it was necessary to catch, to save her. Why not save?”. He said something in the spirit of “Yes nafig I need it”. Was drunk. It turns out that he and his senior name was cross, but she refused.

When the body was found, he was not even examined. The investigator called the medical worker — come and see what body could be a hematoma or something. He replied — why would I the body, I’m there in the dirt don’t want to go.

Then there was a trial. The former son-in-law confessed to the crime, he quickly gave a half-year suspended sentence and forgotten. Nobody understood what happened there as she drowned. He had three versions of the testimony, on these versions of his words are proper under article 105 of the criminal code “Murder”. Didn’t want to pay child support, drowned girl. But no, no, nobody understood.


But when not, they work. Going last year in the yard, not bothering anyone. A police UAZ pulls up, I’m a barrel of a gun poke in the face, they say — get in. I ask — “What happened?”. Nothing I did not answer. The second started to say that I resist the police, even though we were just standing talking, what is the resistance?! Went with them, of course, but what was I to do. I was immersed in the trunk of the car, they were hemmed — “to Help you, to help climb”? Well, stuff like that.

When I came into office, they are the two witnesses immediately said, “You’re not one brought”. Nevertheless, they searched me so that he broke two locks on the jacket. Came the investigator also said that he had brought the wrong, and in need of a suspect a different last name. And I have a during the arrest, even the passport did not look, although I showed you. The investigator destroyed the Protocol of my detention. Said, they say that all go free. I ask — “And with that jacket? My jacket was ruined”. He chuckled and said, “bring To court”.

Of course, no one I didn’t compensate, no damage, nothing. All they are there to protect each other. Three or four days ago received the latest reply. Again, I wrote about the court. That I there to serve? What I was not?

And no one does anything. Simply no investigation, nothing. They just sit there, get 50 thousand a month, and I have no bread. Due to what they are getting? At the expense of us. They are the same state. Plus there is of pocket expenses come. The machines all go. Who checked that the machine they bought that house built? Who needs it anyway?


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