Artificial intelligence will root the Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung representatives have subtly hinted that the Galaxy S8 will be smarter than S7 and S7 the Edge together. And it’s not in the more modern stuffing, although without it, too, will not do, and in the presence of fully-fledged artificial intelligence capable of self-learning.

Of course, this was expected, because Apple already has Siri, Microsoft unveiled its Cortana, plus Samsung has already bought the company, Viv Labs, which is the author of Siri. Consequently, for Samsung Galaxy S8 in this plan all solved — smart assistant in its composition. What is the name of the app, so far unknown, but it about is clear: it can do all the same that is capable of Siri. Hardly Samsung decides to add something new, it is much easier to follow the trodden path.

Rumored to be called assistant in the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be Bixby, but the evidence for this has not yet been reported. By the way, the app is created not just for smartphones is a complete open platform of artificial intelligence, which in the future will find application in other devices of the Korean vendor, even in household appliances, so soon it will be possible to talk with a kettle or vacuum cleaner. There is information that on the body of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a separate button to activate the assistant. The announcement of the smartphone is planned an the last day of February 2017 in Barcelona and will be held in the framework of the exhibition MWC 2017.


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