Artificial intelligence will advise you how much you can drink coffee


Искусственный интеллект посоветует сколько можно пить кофеArtificial intelligence will be able to analyze the data on the sleep of man, of his activity.

How to drink coffee every day, so as not to harm the body. This question is of interest to many coffee lovers. Scientific American decided to approach this issue very seriously.

So, artificial intelligence will be able to analyze data on the sleep patterns of a person, his activity and give an approximate schedule of drinking coffee. In this case, people will drink enough coffee to overcome the sleepiness, but coffee is not drinking.

“During the execution of our plan, the vigor is increased by 64%, and in the future it will be possible to reduce the consumption of coffee. While the incentive effect will remain,” – said the head of the group of Jacques Reifman.

Now this algorithm is in the form of a mathematical model. In the future it should work like a program for smart phone.


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