Around the sun again noticed a giant cube


Около солнца снова заметили гигантский куб The unusual object can be an artifact of the image.

A mysterious giant cube near the Sun, and size as much as with our planet, once again caught in the lens of the space station, NASA, studying the star.

In the beginning of this month, the famous researcher of everything paranormal from Taiwan, Scott Waring (Scott Waring) found the mysterious photos taken in the course of the project NASA-SOHO, and hurried to share them with my colleagues in the UFO workshop.

Journalists immediately gave the name of the object – the Borg Cube (a high-tech fictional extraterrestrial race of cyborgs from “Star trek” and many other similar computer games).

And although the message appeared to have caused a certain resonance in the media, scientists and even conspiracy theorists still can not clearly explain what it is.

The fact that a cubic object near the Sun apparently is not a natural creation in mind too the correct form of this figure. On the other hand, it is too big for, say, a spaceship.

But the alarming researchers, even this, and the fact that the shooting angle was too fantastic, like near a star not a three-dimensional object, and some two-dimensional projection.

In a word – a mystery! However, it is increasingly common for researchers of paranormal phenomena…

In this case, an additional sensation for her was the message one of the users of the resource Beforeitsnews (nick – Indian in the machine) that he is a contactee with aliens from the Pleiades, the ships which at the present time are near the Sun.

Moreover, these aliens supposedly expect in the coming days to arrange for the Earth’s solar storm, which for several months will cut down on the planet all the electronics – and that our civilization is equivalent to the end of the world. Here you have the long awaited Apocalypse!..

However, some conspiracy theorists reassure us that the message Indian in the machine may be a conventional stuffing: there are some considerations:

– first, the mysterious cube near the Sun may appear intermittently, say, he’s “hung” in last year’s autumn, and nothing special if this did not happen then;
– second, it strangely coincided with the information Scott Waring, like someone used it to violate, say, the balance on world markets;
– and finally, scientists do not yet notice any natural or even artificial Sun’s activity and the supposed (self-proclaimed contactee named) starting date of the attack has passed – that is the end of the world again turned out to be a trap for naive minds.

Anyway, I write this post in the comments to this sensation, scattered on many sites and even print media, and the fact periodic appearance of strange cube near the Sun causing the confusion and understandable anxiety.

Moreover, on this account there is no reaction on the part of official science, as if scientists do not even notice this anomaly that threatens us knows what…

Около солнца снова заметили гигантский куб


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