Around the defense Minister of Poland broke the “Russian” scandal


Вокруг министра обороны Польши разгорелся "российский" скандалDefense Minister of Poland, Mazarevica accused of links with Russian intelligence

In Poland, the party “Civic platform” and urged the Prime Minister Beata Szydlo suspend from the power of the Minister of defence Anthony of Mazarevica because published information on possible cooperation of the Minister with the Russian military intelligence agencies.

“Mazarevica key to the team’s role in ensuring the security of Poland, and we urgently want the Prime Minister to clarify the situation… We are mostly concerned about the possibility that secret data may be available for foreign secret services”, – quotes the representative of the AR of the party Bozhenov Kaminskaya.

Information about the possible cooperation of Mazarevica with the scouts of the Russian Federation promulgated in the book of the Polish journalist Tomasz Pataka. In particular, it is argued that current defense Minister allegedly had ties with the intelligence services in Soviet times.

He Macierewicz has not commented on the allegations. However, at the request of the Ministry of justice of Poland prosecutors have launched an investigation against Pataka, incriminating journalist “threat to a public official”. In this article, Pateco faces up to three years in prison.


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