Armageddon on the day of birth Poroshenko


Армагеддон на день рожденья Порошенко

Military warehouses in the winery burned down after publications in Europe about the secret sale of Ukrainian weapons to Africa

The birthday of Peter Poroshenko considers himself the President of Ukraine, was marked by a total detonation of the military Arsenal in the Vinnitsa region. Is sunset on September 26 there watching the sunrise from the shrapnel that flew lightnings in all directions for dozens of kilometers, hitting even a house.

Such “fireworks” the citizens of Ukraine are already reserved, with understanding. Let the fire in the Arsenal of Vinnytsia in the Ukrainian social networks are already called “Armageddon”. After all, it is the officials almost every day to remind that Ukraine has to someone fighting. Nobody in the world knows who exactly, but the Ukrainian authorities are sure that Russia. Apparently, because the adviser of the President of Ukraine and the assistant Secretary of defense Yury Biryukov in his Facebook once again reminded of this and even more intrigued, stated that a diversion in the village of Kalinovka arranged…. an unmanned aerial vehicle.


Армагеддон на день рожденья Порошенко

Night a fiery whirlwind in the burning of the military Arsenal in the Vinnitsa region.Photo: REUTERStrue_kpru

– A soldier from one of the posts had to report about the strange sound. After a few seconds started gaps. The perimeter is guarded securely, so yeah – looks like a drone. And Yes, SBU tried to intercept. Say, informally, that someone even picked the day before. But someone broke – seriously, the adviser said Poroshenko.

Армагеддон на день рожденья Порошенко

American armored vehicles with the Ukrainian military in a hurry in the area of emergency.Photo: REUTERStrue_kpru

Now, if were talking about the aliens or about the rocket that flew from the Donbass, there would have been something to discuss. It is in Kalinovka kept a stock of missiles for multiple rocket launchers “Smerch”, “Uragan” and “Grad”, which Kavalerovich villages and cities of Donbass. But would you believe it 30 thousand evacuees from the area of Kalinovka of Ukrainians in some soulless drone?

Армагеддон на день рожденья Порошенко

House after a fire caused by a shell hit.Photo: REUTERStrue_kpru

There is no consensus in Kiev. While the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak said that the explosions “is hostile to Russian diversion, done on the direct orders of Putin,” avakovsky Advisor Anton Gerashchenko said that felt guilty for the fire at the Arsenal in Kalinovka subordinate to Poroshenko, the head of the armed forces General staff Viktor Murzenko his Deputy.

Армагеддон на день рожденья Порошенко

Evacuated residents of nearby settlements in the school gym.Photo: REUTERStrue_kpru

Arsenal, where the most conservative estimate on the area of over 60 hectares had more than 188 thousand tons of ammunition will explode in a few days. And with it the traces of repair of warehouses, which Kiev, if you believe the same Biryukov, over the past three years have identified a fantastic 27 million. Such a serious amount of steel allocated for the storage of ammunition right after in October 2015, a fire broke out at the ammunition depot in the city of Svatovo. Allocated money and once in March, burned the Armory in balakliia.

Years in Kharkov, Balakleya and practical for a pittance debited pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, rifles. Sales combat Soviet weapons from Ukraine actually collapsing the market in the US and Europe. And how many weapons of Blakley were sold in Russia! The court found that Ukrainian parts were assembled the gun that shot Boris Nemtsov.

Армагеддон на день рожденья Порошенко

Damaged by a stray projectile the car.Photo: REUTERStrue_kpru

Total corruption in Ukraine moved to the most interesting stage, when stealing is already practically nothing, and the habit remained. And even in Europe I see how Ukrainian officials are trying to hide the facts of thefts to quietly sell off the stolen and throw bags with millions in a foreign account. No accident and fire at the Vinnytsia Arsenal broke out immediately after the European press published an investigation that Ukraine was involved in clandestine supply of arms to African South Sudan…+

All of these fires and explosions occur in Ukraine without much fuss. After all, citizens of the “independent state” not to a new Maidan. They at this time continue to look out for in the Donbass sky rocket, any unmanned…


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