Arguments about God and religion in simple examples of an anthill in the garden


Рассуждения о Боге и религии на простых примерах муравейника в саду

Many pray to God, ask for something. Every day several times on their knees… Anyone else thinking what’s the point? And no matter what religion.

Let’s imagine yourself in the place of God, well, at least so approximately.

Just imagine, you have a vegetable garden. Once it became infested with ants, it’s your fault anyways. You went to the forest, gathered berries, and accidentally brought the ant. You threw from the basket in the grass in the garden.

Murashu ran back, told the house what happened from his point of view:

“The great and Almighty God lifted me up from this sinful earth to a height and power along with delicious berries carried to the promised land! There he showed me all the beauty of the land of dreams and released to the ground. And now I’m your guide. Follow me, I’ll show you a land where rivers flow with milk and honey (seasonal work pile behind the barn, where at that time threw out the pulp after making berry liqueurs). “

Anthill consulted, and the Queen sent soldiers to check the words of murasa. All was confirmed. It was decided to relocate. Unhappy quickly disposed of, and the great outcome… Arrangement on a new place.

Your vegetable garden is modest in the corner appeared a mound of an anthill. You noticed him immediately. While you new tenants do not interfere, you almost did not notice. Once the season of preserves and compotes over, sweet waste into rubbish heap exhausted… And the ants went to look for food in your house, in the pantry, in the sugar bowl, everywhere… Then you think about the expulsion of insolent. But this, alas, is not so easy to do.

Oh, what ants? Our murashu by the time he died, was the legendary Holy prophet… who bequeathed it to his followers to serve and worship God. And that was done.

Once sitting on the bench under the Apple tree you find that you are surrounded by ants. They go almost clear a circle around you. Crawl to you across the bench, climb on my legs, and climb everywhere… in search of God. Ahhh! But, you don’t know anything about the purpose of their travel. They perceive you as part of the landscape. God they represented as very powerful ant.

Bench ceased to be an attractive place. So the idea of chemicals becomes even more attractive.

Further more. On the porch suddenly found neat piles of debris: needles, wings of flies, fluff and dry the tracks — the offerings of the faithful. You are naive all attributed to the wind. All your patience ends when the ants crowd got into the set to cool jelly, and there drowned by the crowd.

Then begins a chemical war. After which the surviving ants rebuild the anthill and that would earn your favor start with even greater zeal to walk in a circle near the shop in the garden. Because that is where in early summer you have had too much strawberries and threw it in the grass pioneer and the great Holy prophet Murasa. Stood the caste of priests. They just guzzle and sing the Psalms. They ask you: “Hear us great and merciful God! Protect us from evil and death. Give us your sweet nectar. And we will forever praise your name, which don’t even know!”

The more they climb to you, the more you want to get rid of them.

Nothing like?

God does not need worship and offerings, or sacrifices. In his hands the whole universe. He doesn’t need your rituals. They do not make sense. And your faith is not what he wants. Enough knowledge. Just live for yourself and don’t bother to live to God. Let it run its course. Season jam occurs with surprising regularity, regardless of whether you go in a circle or standing on his knees, singing is the Psalms. The sun rises in its time, and sets the same.

This all means that all your efforts in religion are not God. He can’t know. All your efforts are the intermediary between you and God. Here they need what would you do what they say. Because any religion is a business. To God it’s not have any relationship.

I know that God the Creator exists. It is normal, reasonable, and live their lives, their concerns. He gave us a beautiful World and free will. He let us go free. So what we are constantly taking him to the floor, and what is required or ask? We all have been given in full. Now it’s our turn to be creators. Need to create Beauty around you, the Truth inside themselves, and to Respect all life. Because every life reflects the vision and genius of the Creator.





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