Archaeologists made a tremendous discovery near Chernivtsi


Археологи сделали грандиозное открытие под ЧерновцамиAn amazing archeological find was discovered on the banks of the Dniester.

A rare archaeological artifact, mammoth tusks with carved images of deer and labyrinths, discovered near the village of Doroshivtsi Chernivtsi region.

The age of the finds more than 22 thousand years.

Thing unique manufacturing technology and ornamental compositions. This is the earliest image of a deer in the Ukraine, and, in fact, only now, says Larisa Kulakovskaya, candidate of historical Sciences, head of the Department “Archaeological Museum” of the Institute of archaeology of the NASU.

A length of Tusk 14.5 cm in diameter – from 2 to 4 cm From one end of it cut a small spike. The surface of the artifact is covered with numerous engravings, which conditionally can be called “labyrinths”.

Along with the Tusk found whole tip of mammoth Tusk and bones of the reindeer. According to archaeologists, it testifies to the possession of the ancient hunters of the technology of processing this material.

It is assumed that the Tusk could use as a kind of ritual thing in the cult of the reindeer. Perhaps it was worn in a leather case or often held in the hands, as in some places the thing as if polished.


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