Archaeologists have solved the mystery of ancient Egypt


Археологи раскрыли загадку древнего ЕгиптаThe detection mask can be called a sensation.

Archaeologists in the excavation of the underground complex at Saqqara, an Egyptian, managed to find a workshop for the conduct of embalming and gilded silver mask.

Interesting mask covered the face of the mummy, lying in a poorly preserved wooden sarcophagus. As follows from the inscriptions on it, the mummy belongs to the priest who served the goddess Mut.

“The discovery of this mask can be called a sensation. Some masks made of precious metals have survived to the present day, because the tomb of the wealthy dignitaries were looted in antiquity,” — said the head of the research group from the University of Tubingen (Germany) Ramadan Badri Hussein.

Researchers, more importantly, found a workshop which performed the embalming, and where preserved vessels containing oil and other substances necessary for embalming. Also inside were two large pool, where, probably, dried up dead bodies.

Workshop located above the mine, which preserved mummies, sarcophagi and funerary vessels.


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