Archaeologists have made a surprising discovery about the Vikings


In Sweden, Norway and Denmark found women warriors.

Among the warriors of the Vikings, as proven by archaeologists, there were many women, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

DNA analysis showed that the warrior Tag was a woman. The tomb in the Tag is not the only example. There are many such tombs in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In the hands of scientists have physical evidence that the Vikings were many women warriors.

Now found about 30 of female burials with weapons. They are found in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The axes were of great symbolic importance in the Viking world. They were used for building ships, houses, cooking dinner. They could be used as weapons.

In the tombs of Norwegian Vikings were found no women with an axe. They served as symbols of status and power. In Norse mythology there are many stories told about the huge power of Velvi, which was a powerful woman shaman, and seer. The researchers could not decide whether she was just mythological or real historical figure. This question has been answered, when Denmark had discovered a mysterious grave. Several puzzling ancient artifacts were found in the tomb indicates that whoever was buried here was no ordinary man.

Women involved in witchcraft and held a high status in the society of the Vikings. They were respected because they could predict the future, to heal and to cause illness, and to help soldiers on the battlefield with magic power. Mythical defender really existed, and archaeologists have found evidence that women warriors were actual participants in historical events.


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