Archaeologists have found ancient tools


Археологи нашли древнейшие орудия труда The age of discovery is about 2 million years.

Scientists found in Algeria, stone tools and animal bones with traces of cutting and dated them to the period of 1.9–2.4 million years ago.

An international group of scientists under the leadership of Muhammad Sahnoun of the National research center on human evolution continued excavations at ain El-Haneh and in 2006-2008 found in Ayn Boucherit two stratigraphic layers, which preserved the stone artifacts and animal bones with traces of cutting.

Guns, among which were single – and double-axes and flakes were made of Sandstone and flint. Among the remains, the researchers found the bones of Kolpochoerus heseloni, ancient pigs, presumably extinct about 1.7 million years ago, the extinct horse Equus numidicus and representative of the family Anancus elephant, which went extinct about 2.5 million years ago.

As a result, scientists have estimated the age of the top layer of 1.92, and the lower layer – 2.44 million years.


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