Archaeologists have found an ancient tomb of Ming dynasty


Археологи нашли древний гроб династии МинArchaeologists during excavations in Guizhou province in southwest China found a well-preserved lacquered coffin with images of mythical creatures.

On the opening tells the Xinhua news Agency. It is reported that archaeologists found the coffin is the top grade artifact ritual during the reign of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

It was found in one of the three tombs of this dynasty at the lake Faelian in the County Vanlang. By the way, this tomb was built in 1581, during the reign of Emperor Wanli (1563-1620).

Special attention was drawn to the painting of the coffin. It is decorated with images of four mythical creatures, popular in ancient China – azure dragon, White tiger, Black turtle and red Phoenix, who was considered the king of all birds.

The tomb was discovered images and other phoenixes and cranes with red crests, as well as bonsai are symbols of harmony of man and nature.

In addition, in the tomb were found numerous gold and silver pins, gold earrings and silver bracelets, as well as human remains – teeth and bone fragments.

Scientists suggest that all three tombs belonged to the same family. It is reported by the Rambler. Next:


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