Archaeologists have figured out when and where appeared the first reasonable man


Археологи выяснили, когда и где появился первый человек разумный Scientists have found that Homo sapiens appeared in southern Spain: 44 thousand years ago.

Up to the current time, scientists believed that Homo sapiens (wise man) appeared in Europe 39 thousand years ago, and because new discovery casts doubt on their views on the dispersal of modern humans.

Moreover, under assumptions of archaeologists, in southern Spain, this process was delayed, and the Neanderthals have gone there only 32 thousand years ago. However, during recent excavations in the cave, Bajadilla researchers from the University of Seville found that already 45-43 thousand years ago there lived a CRO-magnon.

This conclusion was made due to the study tools that were found in this cave. They belong to orinyansky archaeological culture, which is typical for modern humans.

Also, it may be interesting to read about what London archaeologists have discovered the remains of the British Explorer Matthew Flinders. He became known thanks to the research of the Australian continent. What Flinders has given everybody knows the name of Australia. The place of his burial was lost for more than 200 years.


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