Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient giant


Археологи обнаружили останки древнего великана Skeletal growth is around eight meters.

Experts on ancient artifacts’m afraid now that the details of the findings will try to silence, to hide as much detail as possible about the event.

A group of scientists during the excavations found the remains of a giant. They reached a height of 8 meters, reports “League news Russia”. Length is only one stop was 120 centimeters.

Conspiracy theorists admit that the official science now tries to carefully hide any details of what happened to the theory of the origin of people on Earth, no one tried to rethink.

As you know, the world of science has witnessed several true facts about what remains of ancient giants are simply exterminated. For example, in the last century, was completely destroyed remains of giants in the Smithsonian Institute. Experts say that in this way the supporters of the traditional theory of human evolution to protect their basic dogmas.

It is possible that the results of studies of Ecuador remains will also try to hide. Moreover, they can just destroy it if you reveal facts that are contrary to mainstream science.


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