Archaeologists have discovered ancient treasure


Археологи обнаружили древний кладThe coins could be worth millions of dollars

“Coins, at least 300 of them belong to the late Roman Empire and was found in a jar in the basement of the theatre,” the researchers said in a statement. Also, the Bank was found a gold ingot.

According to scientists, the treasure was buried in the last years of the Roman Empire, more than 1500 years ago.

The Minister of culture Alberto Bonisoli said that it is not clear the historical and cultural significance of the finds, however, “the discovery fills you with pride.” The Ministry did not attach much importance to coins, but Italian media suggest that they can cost millions of dollars.

“We are not yet able to accurately assess the historical importance of the finds, but it’s a real treasure for our archaeologists,” – wrote in Facebook the Minister of culture of Italy Alberto Bonisoli.

At the moment the findings are sent to the restoration laboratory for the study.

Stone amphora with Roman gold coins of V century found workers who worked on the wear of the old theatre Creson in Como. Built in 1870, the theatre in the early twentieth century was turned into a cinema, which lasted until 1997.

The city authorities decided to demolish the building to build a house.

The government decided to freeze construction, and to conduct archaeological excavations, because it is possible that in this place, there may be other treasures.

After the necessary measures coins will take place in one of the museums. Their value of coin is estimated at millions of euros. However, the exact price of the findings is difficult to call to the conclusions arrived at by the archaeologist Luca Rinaldi.

Cresson theatre, which opened in 1870 and closed in 1997, is located near the ruins of the forum, Como – Roman Central town square, where scientists have previously failed to detect other important historical artifacts.

Cresson theatre was opened in 1870, and later upgraded to display a movie. The closing took place 21 years ago. According to the plan of the authorities, after the demolition of the building is planned construction of luxury apartments.

However, due to the discovery of a cache of the planned work will be suspended for an indefinite period.

So, scientists do not exclude that under the rubble of the theater hiding other treasures of Ancient Rome.

Археологи обнаружили древний клад
Археологи обнаружили древний клад
Археологи обнаружили древний клад


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