Archaeologists have discovered a unique artifact of the era of the old Kingdom


Археологи обнаружили уникальный артефакт эпохи Древнего царстваThe ancient discovery has fallen into the hands of archaeologists in Egypt.

The joint Franco-Swiss archaeological expedition found near the Saqqara necropolis fragment of granite obelisk of Ancient kingdoms. The fragment – of a height of about 2.5 meters. According to scientists, about the same part of the obelisk is under the ground.

The obelisk was made of massive blocks of red granite. The groove around the top of the obelisk indicates that it was originally covered with copper plates or gold foil to reflect the sun and Shine brightly during the day. It is the largest known obelisk in the Ancient Kingdom.

The inscription on one side of the obelisk indicates that he was a dedicated representative of the Sixth dynasty, Anneclaire II, a relative of several of the pharaohs, mother of Pharaoh Pepi II of the Sixth dynasty. She lived in the middle of the 23rd century BC.

“The rulers of the Sixth dynasty, as a rule, there were two small obelisks at the entrance to their funerary temple, but this obelisk was found a little farther from the entrance to the burial complex of Anjasmara II,” said Mostafa Vaziri, Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of antiquities. According to him, the obelisk was kidnapped by the masons a few centuries after installation.

Earlier it was reported that in early 2017 archaeologists have discovered in Egypt the tomb of the unknown Pharaoh. Researchers from the University of Birmingham has unearthed the burial of officials, called Harkhuf and Hekab. However, it turned out that underneath lies the tomb of the age of 4200 years, of Ancient kingdoms. I suppose that in it lie the Pharaoh.


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