Archaeologists have discovered a unique artifact, dated to 10 century ad


Археологи обнаружили уникальный артефакт, датированный 10 веком нашей эры The researchers called the finding “a brilliant hiding place”, which is perfectly preserved to our times.

In Slovakia, in the village of Boyne, a group of local archaeologists found iron treasure that was hidden in the oven. According to experts, the find can be dated to the 10th century ad.

Found – iron products, which at the time was a modern gold was called money, pieces of iron as paying bills.

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Археологи обнаружили уникальный артефакт, датированный 10 веком нашей эры

“Amazing discovery consists of 36 hryvnia, bridles and other horse harness, two keys from the settlement, as well as other iron objects”, – said the head of the expedition, Karol Drink.

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Baking stone, which kept the treasure was very close to the blacksmith’s shop. All products are laid in an earthen jar and hid it in the depths of the furnace. Archaeologists called it “a brilliant hiding place”, because during all this time the product did not damage and did not move, remaining in the place where 10 centuries ago, they left an unidentified resident of Slovakia.

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