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Archaeologists found in Pompeii “the treasure of witches”


Most of the artifacts belonged to servants or slaves.

Archaeologists who carried out excavations in the ancient city of Pompeii, found a few glass beads and artifacts, which they called “the treasure of the witches”. According to researchers, most of the artifacts belonged to women, probably servants or slaves, according to the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to zn.ua.

The house in which the treasure was found, also found the room with the bodies of those killed in the eruption, including women and children. The treasure found in the remains of a wooden chest. Wood has already disintegrated and left only a bronze loop, which preserved volcanic material, solidified over the remains of the chest.

In particular, in a chest found crystals, ceramics, amethyst and amber. Discovered was also the scarabs from the Middle East, a variety of precious stones, in particular, a Sard with a figure of wizard and glass bead depicting the head of Dionysus, the Roman God of wine, fertility, and ritual madness.

That stuff belonged to the servant and not the master of the house, indicates that none of the things were made of gold, which is then used by wealthy people. It is also believed that the artifacts found were a part of everyday life of women which they belonged.

At the moment, researchers are trying to establish family ties between people, whose bodies were found in the house.



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