Archaeologists discovered near Kerch estate of the Roman Empire


Археологи обнаружили под Керчью усадьбу времен Римской империиArchaeologists have reported the unexpected discovery.

Scientists from Russian Institute of archaeology during excavations of the settlement “Gorodishche 11 kilometer” near Kerch in the construction zone of the highway “Tavrida” found the rural HOMESTEAD of the Roman Empire. There lived representatives of the “middle class” of the Bosporan Kingdom. This was stated by the head of the Crimean Novotroickoe archaeological expedition of Institute of archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Grandchildren.

The remains of buildings and artifacts allow you to judge the life and culture of the rural population of the Crimea in the I century of our era.

“This manor is very indicative of the era, she well demonstrates the life of the average Bospora. During the excavations we have not found any expensive imported items, no gold or silver coins or luxury goods, but was found to be utensils, tools, cheap jewelry, figurines, including terracotta puppets with hanging arms and legs. They can be called “Hellenistic Barbie”; it was a baby toy,” said Grandchildren.

According to him, the estate was built here in the middle of the ist century of our era. In this era of the Bosporan Kingdom, which was then the Eastern Crimea, the Taman Peninsula and the lower reaches of the don, has recovered from a period of wars and conflicts and periello economic recovery.

“Now comes the processing of archaeological finds. They will be transferred to the Eastern Crimean historical and cultural Museum-reserve, the Bakhchisaray historical-cultural and archaeological Museum-reserve, Feodosia Museum of antiquities and the Central Museum of Tavrida” – said the head of the expedition.

Novostroika Crimean expedition started on annexed by Russia Peninsula in the spring of 2017. In recent months, scientists conducted excavations of the settlement “Gorodishche 11 km”, is situated on two hills, 15 kilometres West of Kerch.

The Ministry of culture of Ukraine announced plans to address a number of international organizations with a request to respond to illegal excavations by Russian archaeologists continue to conduct on the territory of annexed Crimea.

Before that, in February 2017, the National Commission of Ukraine for UNESCO called on partner countries to send a monitoring mission on the territory of Crimea annexed by Russia.


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