Archaeologists called the most mysterious artifacts


Археологи назвали самые загадочные артефактыTheir mystery is not solved.

Recently archaeologists regularly show the world the new artifacts that cannot be explained by historians and scientists.

The remains of a vampire

Археологи назвали самые загадочные артефакты

Last year, in the County of Yorkshire found a burial, which was made in the III century BC. His skull was deformed due to a blow to the head, and along with the remains, the archaeologists found nine copies, four of which were with bone ferrules, and with five iron. It should be noted that demi rituals at that time drove out the vampires.

Circles in the desert

Археологи назвали самые загадочные артефакты

The mysterious circles are in the desert of Syria and Saudi Arabia. This finding is considered to be mysterious and ancient. No one knew about before the appearance of the aircraft, and by the circles of more than 2000 years. From a height they look like my wheels, some of them even have “spokes”, which correspond to astronomical phenomena. Some scientists believe that the remains of buildings or cemeteries, while others give them a religious significance.

Mysterious stone

Археологи назвали самые загадочные артефакты

In 1872 in new Hampshire in the United States found an unusual artifact, which is made of alloy of several metals, and in shape like an egg. Its height is about ten inches, and the entire surface is drawings. Ahead drawn face, and the sides painted corn on the cob, dots and spirals. According to historians, this is the first such discovery in the USA, so I think its archaeological miracle. But no one still knows who and what it was made.


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