APU was the last tournament in the tank NATO


ВСУ оказались последними в танковом турнире НАТО

Ukraine took the last place in the international competition Europe Tank Strong Challenge in 2018.

In Germany ended the international competitions of Europe Tank Strong Challenge in 2018. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of defence.

The competitions were held on the training ground command training 7 the U.S. Army in Europe at Grafenwoehr.

On the final day of the program for all teams were the same. The first stage – the obstacle course, start at six in the morning. Next was sports competition. Participants in the speed transferred to the various elements of the tank. The last discipline was high-speed shooting. The task is to destroy 20 targets for gun, with 30 rounds per platoon. Taken into account the accuracy and rate of fire. For this exercise provided a separate Cup.

Closed competition now traditional “friendly fire”. The line went on one tank from each team and conducted a joint shot. Then the fire was already opened upon readiness of the crew.

In the end, the current winners of tank of the Land forces of Germany. Second place went to newcomers “the challenge” – Swedish armed forces, and bronze was won by representatives of the armed forces of Austria. For a nomination for “sniper shooting” the Cup was won by serviceman of the armed forces of the United States.

Ukrainian team – tank platoon 14 Hombre of the Land forces of Ukraine – in the scoring table took a last-eight place.

The competition was also attended by tankers from Poland, France and the UK.

We will note, last year Ukrainian tankers took the last place in the tournament of six teams. Then won a team of Austria, and the Germans were second. Then came the military with the United States and France, and the sixth place were the poles.

Recall that in early may, the tanks T-84 took part in international exercise Combined Resolve X at a military training ground near the town of Hohenfels in Germany.



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