Apple’s MacBook with ARM CPU will be released in late 2020 or early 2021


Apple will release its first MacBook with a self-designed ARM processor at the end of this year or early next year, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. It is not yet clear which model or models it concerns. A new MacBook design would follow in mid-2021.

Kuo states that Apple will release its first laptop with its own processor in the fourth quarter of this year or the first quarter of next year. Apple already uses self-designed ARM SOCs in its iPhones and iPads, and it has been rumored for years that MacBooks will follow. The report reviewed by MacRumors does not clarify which model it is.

In the second half of next year, Apple will release MacBooks with a completely new design, according to Kuo. Again, it is not clear whether it is a Pro or Air version. The MacBook Pro was last major changes in October 2016 and the MacBook Air in October 2018.

Last month, Kuo also provided details about the arrival of Macs with ARM hardware. Then it was stated that it would be a chip that is produced at 5nm by tsmc. Such socs will probably also be available in iPhones and iPads this year.

The analyst also makes statements about laptops that would be announced shortly. According to Kuo, more MacBooks will be released in the second quarter of this year with the improved keyboard that Apple is already putting in the 16 “version of the MacBook Pro. It would be new Pro and Air models. Possibly 14 “version of the MacBook Pro previously mentioned.


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