Apple will reduce prices for adapter for new MacBook Pro


To use the new laptop Apple MacBook Pro 2016, not enough to go to the store and buy it for mad for modern Russia the money. Still need to buy him the necessary adapters because without them you will not be able to connect even my iPhone that do like a laugh. Naturally, this caused a very big wave of dissatisfaction in the Network, and so big that covered even Tim cook, if he gave the nod to reducing the cost of all the adapters.

After the price reduction necessary adapters can be bought for 9 dollars and the most expensive USB adapter-C Digital AV Multiport is now $49 instead of $69. All it concerns branded accessories with Apple on the case, however, these cords and cables already began to produce third-party manufacturers, the same Belkin. Oddly enough, the prices will be reduced and on them that are very nice. Moreover, Apple will compensate customers the price difference if they have already bought the adapters at cost, so we have some client-oriented.

But no, actually care about the customers here and does not smell — it smells a little bit different, because, think about it for a very expensive laptop, which itself is several times more expensive than on Windows, Apple offers to buy a set of wires, where the cheapest of them costs 600 rubles. But that’s not all: prices reduced exactly to the end of the year, and since January 1, the price will return to the original level, and with the growth of the dollar still grows up. Like.


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