Apple wants to take iPhone X production


Smartphone X iPhone, introduced by Apple in September 2017 and is estimated in Russia to a large 92 000, may soon be discontinued. This was reported by analyst firm KGI, which assessed the level of demand for smartphone and came to a disappointing conclusion.

According to statistics, iPhone X sold worse than expected, and for the first quarter of this year, its circulation is about 18 million. This is roughly half of the early analysts of KGI, and reduce the expectations I had based on the sales figures in China and Russia. In our country the tenth IPhone buy quite rare for the reason that for the same money you can buy three OnePlus more powerful 5T or a used car of a domestic production, and the Chinese do not see sense to overpay for an Apple on the case in the presence of the same or OP5T new flagship from Huawei.

Also the Chinese did not like the cutout in the screen flagship iPhone X, which placed the camera to True Depth – in their opinion, this solution reduces the usable area of the screen and makes it less functional. All this may push Apple to cease production of its top-end smartphone, the more that this fall it intends to submit its new modifications.


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