Apple sends its employees home


Apple отправляет своих сотрудников по домамApple puts their staff on the remote operation mode

Assessing the advantages of working outside the office, in California, the company decided the transfer of the employees to the remote form of employment. This is evidenced by additions to the career section of the official Apple website.

Under the launched of the campaign is planned to unload the corporate offices, allowing organized employees to build a work schedule according to personal preferences.

Primarily at home employment go to the support staff. Their location during the day will not affect the running duties, but will allow the employer to significantly reduce the cost of organizing the working space in the campus. However, Apple has specific requirements for candidates who are ready to test their independence during remote collaboration.

From the description of jobs, in particular, should be that the company need someone with a sufficient level of self-organization and able to efficiently do their job regardless of standing over the soul of a leader. In addition, the applicant will need quiet and free from other family members space. Tools, namely, an iMac computer, a headset and access to enterprise social networks provided by the employer.


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