Apple may install used batteries in iPhone


Apple может устанавливать б/у аккумуляторы в iPhoneApple forever runs the risk of spoiling its reputation, earned over more than 10 years of hard work.

After that, as she confessed to slowing down old iPhones, the users put forward the hypothesis that “Apple” the Corporation has used batteries in the iPhone under the guise of new.

We are talking about the brand new mobile devices that are people from all countries of the world, buy a huge amount of money. It is for this reason batteries in its smartphones so quickly fail. Legal company DiCello Levitt & Casey, with the support of over a hundred people filed for Apple to court, asking them to provide evidence of recycling rechargeable batteries.

Many years ago, “Apple” Corporation has launched a special program that enables iPhone and iPad users to return the old device back to the manufacturer, who will extract from them all the valuable materials that will save on limited Land resources.

DiCello lawyers from Levitt & Casey believe that Apple is not engaged in the disposal of used batteries, and using clever manipulation sets them in a brand new smartphone, thereby disguising the fact any fraud. This leads to the fact that “Apple” the Corporation sells mobile devices is already known to be defective batteries that fail much faster than a new one. In his judicial appeal rights holders require that Apple has provided irrefutable proof of recycling of old batteries from the iPhone and iPad.

If the court will side with a large law company, the “Apple” of the Corporation will have to do it, but the data may not be allowed to publish in the public domain, announcing to the public only about how does this is real or not.


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