Apple may call its compact iPhone mini


Apple still can not rest with the release of Lilliputian phones and wants to introduce the iPhone SE2, as indicated by the sources among the partners of Apple. Only to be called a mobile phone will be a little different, the iPhone mini and will guarantee his complete fiasco right from the day of start of sales.

According to recent reports, the iPhone mini will be around 850 US dollars, and its screen will get diagonal is exactly 5 inches. The smartphone will be trained to support 4K video, but to watch videos on such children’s display simply makes no sense – it’s inferior.
iPhone mini is credited with the A12 processor, Face ID system and protection from water and dust IP67, whereas all the senior competitors have already moved on to IP68. The screen of the smartphone is of course the OLED panel Samsung monopoly, which are outdated, the camera is only 7 MP. The main module it is expected a single with a resolution of 12 MP, but it will support recording videos in 4K. Work iPhone mini will be from the battery. only 1860 mAh, and by today’s standards it is a very funny tank. The release of the smartphone can be held this fall.


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