Apple iPhone XI will receive the USB type-C


The Apple iPhone XI will lose the proprietary connector Lightning, despite all of his advantages, which he does quite a lot. Instead, he got a new standard USB interface-C, which has long been used in modern gadgets running Android OS.

Of course, all of the above has not yet been confirmed, but the mention of USB-C is in the code of the beta version of iOS 13, which is already available to insiders and beta testers. Recall that iOS now is solely on IPhones, as the iPad tablet series has moved to its own platform iPad OS. USB-C, by the way, already used in iPad Pro, which greatly expands their capabilities in comparison with Lightning.

For users switching to USB-C carries only good – first, buy a good cable at a low price now will be much easier, and secondly, it will be able to connect to iPhone flash drives and other peripherals. Thirdly, connector repair will be cheaper, so solid pros. The smartphone line of Apple iPhone XI will be released this fall from preloaded with the final version iOS 13.


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