Apple intends to protect calls from eavesdropping


Apple patents new method of data encryption.

Apple has filed a patent application on a new method of encryption, which complicates obtaining of confidential information.

The patent describes a technology that will not allow any device to keep track of the IMSI (international mobile subscriber identifier).

The manufacturing giant of smartphones has patented a method of encryption of mobile signals that are sent between phone users and mobile towers to protect users from the eyes of the authorities.

Apple intends to make the data of the occurrence of a call were not free, and was transferred only between devices that participate in the conversation.

Innovation may interfere with the use of Stingray devices, which act as masts for mobile phones. These devices can track the location of users or even to listen to personal calls. They are also sometimes called IMSI catchers. It is known that UK police use them, but it is not clear how often.

The use of these devices is controversial – not only do they monitor the suspects ‘ phones, but they also collect the personal data of millions of other devices in the process. This can be considered as a violation of privacy.

However, the code Apple will not fully conceal the contents of the message. Rather, it will be harder to keep track of which device you received a specific message or a call. At the same time, government has repeatedly stated that the encryption will allow terrorists to plan attacks undetected.

Tim cook, CEO of Apple, defended the encryption, saying that it simply “protects the public”. It is still unclear whether the new published Apple patent is implemented in future technology.


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