Apple has patented a device for measuring pressure


Apple запатентовала устройство для измерения давления Technology can be used in the new generation of smart hours Apple Watch.

The company patented a design for a portable blood pressure monitor cuff, is equipped with a sensor that monitors pressure.

This technology can be used in the new generation of smart hours Apple Watch.

It is noted that the patent describes the device in General terms. In particular, the new gadget will be provided with a system for measuring blood pressure, containing a pressure transducer; an expandable element that contains multiple expandable cells, and an actuator.

According to the patent of Apple, their device should have one sensor for measuring the pressure of blood when it flows through the arm or leg of the user. There is also an “actuator” to measure how much pressure needs to be considered good.

In a world where problems with high blood pressure are increasingly common, the emergence of Apple in the consumer healthcare market will make sense. But it is not known whether the company plans to offer some new device or some way to integrate it with the Apple Watch or the Apple Watch.

A patent means that companies have to undergo many tests from organizations FDA that should monitor the development of the first fully functional medical devices by Apple before it hits the market.


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