Apple has entrusted the development of Siri came from Google


Apple доверила развитие Siri выходцу из Google53-year-old Scottish engineer will supervise a team that works on Core ML and Siri.

John Giannandrea, the former head of Google in search and artificial intelligence, will become head of the Department “machine learning and strategies of artificial intelligence”.

53-year-old Scottish engineer will supervise a team that works on Core ML and Siri.

Core ML is a training system for Apple applications. This helps the developers to easily run the tools of artificial intelligence on mobile devices, and it is important for Apple to maintain leadership in the field of the most modern applications in the world. Also, Giannandrea will continue to work on technologies that enable the processing of speech and text and providing useful information to users. This functionality is used in the Apple Siri.

This work falls under the category of “natural language understanding” or NLU, the field of artificial intelligence, which is designed to teach computers to understand human language. It’s incredibly difficult, but Giannandrea said that he believes that it’s the most exciting part of AI. In an interview with 2017, he even mentioned about understanding natural language as “the Holy Grail for applied artificial intelligence”.

Siri was introduced in 2011, but since then its development slowed down and in many ways, Siri is just a voice mail. Now she can’t compete with intelligent voice assistants like Amazon or Alexa assistant Google. Apple has been repeatedly criticized due to the fact that Siri absolutely does not meet modern requirements.

Before you go to Apple, John Giannandrea worked for eight years at Google, where he also studied the technology of machine learning. In addition, he founded startups Tellme Networks and Metaweb Technologies. TellMe was ruled by the telephone, which used voice recognition to answer customer requests about such things as weather and stock market.


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