Appeared the star cluster in the constellation Sails


Появился снимок звездного кластера в созвездии ПарусаThe Hubble telescope photographed a unique star cluster NGC 3201 in the constellation of Sails.

Orbital telescope Hubble photographed the unique star cluster NGC 3201 in the constellation of Sails, located at a distance of 16 thousand light years from Earth. Pictures Sunday, January 28, NASA publishes.

It is noted that recently in the centre of the cluster, whose age is estimated at 12 billion years old, found a black hole.

By the way, NGC 3201 was built in 1826, however, scientists still can not establish the origin of this cluster because of its atypical properties. So, the velocity of the clusters is much higher than that of the Sun, while it has a retrograde orbit – it means that the cluster is moving towards the center of the galaxy.

This unusual behavior resulted in the hypothesis that the cluster NGC 3201 has extragalactic origin, and at some point, just was attracted by the gravity of the milky Way. However, the chemical composition of stars in it like stars and other such clusters of galaxies.


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