Appeared a patent for a foldable smartphone Meizu


Появился патент на сгибающийся смартфон MeizuBending the smartphone Meizu will have a unique design

National intellectual property office people’s Republic of China, also known as the Chinese patent office opened on its website a page with the description of the patent foldable smartphone Meizu,
The device described in the patent, is called the Foldable Terminal and Support Pad. Yes, bending the terminal (smartphone) is equipped with a special base platform that supports the display in the folded state, and thus protects it from damage. This area has a certain degree of compression to compensate for the pressure exerted by the user on the external screen of the smartphone when folded.

It should be noted that this is just a patent, but it is obvious that Meizu like other manufacturers, is working on its own curved smartphone that has a great chance to get a unique design.

Samsung will finally unveil its curved smartphone at MWC 2019.


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