App Pheramor Dating picks couples based on DNA


Приложение Pheramor для знакомств подбирает пары на основе ДНКPheramor uses biology and social technology.

Dating apps can be a difficulty in the credibility of potential partners. How do you know that Ben from London really 25 years? Is his profile picture recent? He does have a puppy? Is his name really Ben?

The only thing you can’t cheat – it’s genetics, so the new Dating app uses the compatibility of DNA as the basis for their matching algorithm.

App Pheramor requires that all users send a swab of the cheek using a special set on the basis of which the internal team of scientists could build a sequence of specific genes associated with attractiveness, and to determine which users may be sexually compatible.

The process works with 11 genes related to pheromones, chemical signals that cause sexual attraction.

The combination of these data with personal data specified in user profiles, allows an application to make very specific pair.

“Pheramor uses both your biology and your social technology; we collect genetic data using smear and collect your likes, dislikes and interests in your social networking profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. – explains the application site. – All this information will be used in our patented algorithm, which is designed to explore your preferences.”

The app is already running, but the official launch should take place in February.


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